The Old Homestead

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April 20th, 2012 5:00 pm

Here’s where I will be doing my best to finish Ludum Dare 23…

I have my main development setup on the right wall, with triple monitors for thrice the coding goodness. My main gaming PC is in the foreground with the single monitor, and my SnoopyMac® is on the left of the desk for music stuff. My amp and guitars are on the left wall, next to the Pod KB37 and a small midi keyboard I use for recording. I have a desk cow for moral support.

Everything is a go. It looks like the debuggers are ready!


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  1. b1naryth1ef says:

    Have the exact same keyboard. The audio feedback on it is enough to drive any person on skype nuts, but man the response you get when coding. Brilliant.

  2. zairon says:

    I agree completely! When Microsoft was phasing out this keyboard, I went around to every Best Buy and Radio Shack and bought every Internet Keyboard Pro I could find. I had eight at that point; I am down to six (one died out of nowhere, the other had a soda misadventure). I hope we will be coding with our neural implants by the time I run out of these :)

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