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April 20th, 2012 10:46 pm

Woohoo! Ludum Dare! Yay!…and all that.

Having a great time so far making my game. Have already hit a few hiccups, including an idea and some associated artwork scrapped as I quickly realized I was both unprepared for that idea and it was a little big in scope (think Shadow of the Colossus; sounds awesome…but I mean, c’mon, too much work.)

I was not (and really am not still) a big fan of this particular topic; I would have much preferred any of the “life” options like Evolution, Artificial Life, Built It and then Use it, or Death is the New Beginning. I guess I’ll have to just hold onto my super sweet idea until the next Ludum Dare with a similar theme to those.

So, now the new idea. It’s fairly simple. The image that kept popping into my head when I would think about this topic was the final scene in the first Men in Black.

MIB Final Scene

If you are too lazy to watch the clip, essentially it is saying that there are much larger forces than us that manipulate entire galaxies like they are a sack of marbles. I wanted to incorporate that idea into my game. You are playing some godly entity who needs to protect a star from an invading force. What’s the motivation, you ask? There is none. Hush now!

You place different planet types on different orbits. Since I’ve only got 43 hours left of jamming, I’m going to stick with three types: attack, defend, and food. Their jobs are pretty self-explanatory. You fight waves on enemies, and gain the ability to add more planets based on how much food you are producing. Think of this as Plants vs. Zombies IN SPACE!!!!!

Here’s a little sketch up of what the game might eventually look like:

Awesome, I know

There are a few more ideas I have to make it a bit more complicated, but I’ll save them for another post. I’ve got my orbiting planets, and I’m all good for tonight. Let’s try and get some sleep and come back refreshed for many hours of badassery.

P.S. here is my “game” so far…don’t judge me!

Supernova Night 1

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