No game concept yet, but I have a plan

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April 20th, 2012 6:50 pm

So for Tiny World, I am going to create an actual tiny world. I have a few random game ideas ready, but nothing concrete. What I have chosen, however, is where the game takes place.

I’m going to create a tiny planet tech demo. I’m unsure if it shall be 2D or 3D, or a mix of both. But in any case, doing this will allow me to make any game set on or around a planet. If I go for 2D, then it’s just a platformer or top-down game but with a different perspective (being round and all). And if I go for 3D, I can make a first person game as well. 3D would probably be like populous 3, where it’s fake round, with sprites as characters.

But first, sleep! After waking up I’ll work on the tech demo. I wanted to make a tech demo using openTK, but for this to work I’ll have to know what I’m doing, so I’m probably going to stick with XNA after all. Or maybe I get a random new awesome idea and I’ll work on that. Who knows! Anyway, good night!

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