My first game ever.

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April 20th, 2012 8:36 am

Hello, all. I am as noob as a n00b can be. I decided rather late to join the LD craze, and am trying to grasp everything before the compo begins.

I can’t program and have never made a game before. I hope I’ll be able to complete something, at least.

I’ll be using Stencyl (I think it’s allowed, right?!). I’m just confused about whether I can use stencylforge, which is the open library of code and assets from the Stencyl community. Can I use and tweak sound/graphics/code from there or not? Any help is appreciated.

Thanks a lot and good luck to you all!


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  1. You can use behaviors from StencylForge. If you’re in the jam (72h) and not the compo (48h) then you can use anything that you would otherwise be allowed to use (that is, Creative Commons or public domain work)

  2. Oh! You can use fonts from StencylForce either way, too. Forgot about that… :)

  3. azurenimbus says:

    Ah thanks a lot! I was certain nobody would answer. :)

    Maybe it’s a bad idea but I’ll be going for the compo. My goal is just to finish something, at this point.

    Again, thanks a lot.

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