Morgawr – Point ‘n’ Click – Update #1

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April 20th, 2012 9:50 pm

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And here we are! Roughly 3 hours and a half have passed (maybe 4 after I submit this post) and I’m going at a steady pace…

Thanks to the underlying engine it’s pretty easy to add new content, it just takes some time cause it’s C++ (and I’m not a C++ programmer, I’m using this as an experience to learn). Here’s what I did so far:

First of all, I started with designing the level structure of the game. It’ll be a sequence of rooms (like most escape-the-room games) and I had to code them down to .lua files. After I got that to work (it took me a long time because Lua wasn’t really happy and kept giving me problems.. after 1 hour I realized I forgot a comma and it kept giving me syntax errors… damn) I implemented item placement in the world. A small screwdriver image (it’s non-allowed content, I made it prior to the competition but I’m going to swap it out with real graphics after the game works) at the center of the screen.

Tweaking here and there in the code, I then moved on to implement a simple icon (your usual Examine/Pickup/Use icon) to follow the mouse cursor while in game. This was much easier than I expected and in 10-20 minutes it was all up and running.

Now I’m currently working on events with mouse clicks on the screen, operating on items in game and in the player’s inventory. Ironically enough, one of the hardest challenges so far is figuring my way through GlCoords. AngelEngine uses world coordinates instead of screen coordinates and when placing items on the screen (especially when retrieving their coords) it can be a pain in the ass.


Anyhow, here’s two screenshots! The first one shows the screwdriver on screen and the Examine icon following my mouse (cursor doesn’t appear in screenshot), second one shows an interactable dialog screen drawn on top of the game. (linking the screenshots cause wordpress stretches them and I’m too lazy to find a way to make them look good)

Screenshot 1    Screenshot 2


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