Dear Significant Others, We’re Sorry

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April 20th, 2012 3:33 pm

Dear Significant Others,

We’re sorry. We’re sorry we’re going to be ignoring you for the next 48 hours while we program our games for Ludum Dare. We’re sorry for continuing to ignore you for the next week or so while we play the games other people created for Ludum Dare. We’re sorry if we come up with a good idea and continue working on our games even after Ludum Dare is over.

We’re sorry for missing happy hour on Friday, and we’re sorry for cancelling date night on Saturday, and we’re sorry that it looks like we’d rather be staring at a computer screen, typing away furiously instead of cuddling and watching a movie with you on Sunday.

We’re sorry for neglecting mundane chores like doing the dishes, taking out the trash, cleaning, and doing laundry in favor of programming. There’s work to be done! So we’re sorry if our apartments turn into rooms from katamari or if our personal hygiene suffers as a result.

We’re sorry that our heads will be full of code, game logic, colors, pixels, and sounds, and we’re sorry that it might take a while to get that out of our systems. We’re sorry if you ask us “what are you thinking?” and our response is some nonsense about finding the right balance between mood and theme and dividing time between underlying basics and aesthetic polish. We’re sorry if you catch us staring off dreamily into space.

We’re sorry, but if you didn’t know that our brains worked this way before now, it’s an important lesson to learn. And if after this week you still want to be with us, you could use the next Ludum Dare as an opportunity to enter this world together! A few months is plenty of time for us to teach you the basics, and nothing could be cooler than writing a game with (or against!) your significant other.

So, again, we apologize in advance for paying more attention to Ludum Dare than we will to you, but keep in mind that you could be using Ludum Dare to spend some quality time with us! We really do love you and – oh sorry, I have to go refresh the frontpage again now.


Every boyfriend or girlfriend doing Ludum Dare this weekend


sad kitten

5 Responses to “Dear Significant Others, We’re Sorry”

  1. Mega1mpact says:

    Seems about right to me

  2. iFred_QC says:

    If only she could read english… Oh wait, I’m SO going to make my GF read that by using the allmighty GOOGLE TRANSLATOR! Neat.

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