Alone postmortem

April 20th, 2012 8:43 am


Ludum Dare 22 was the first time I actually finished a game, I made a simple zombie-survival, platformer.


What went right?

  • Finished a game: I finished my first game ever.
  • Familiarity with language and framework: I knew how to use Java and Libgdx, so I didn’t have to look up a lot of things on the internet.
  • Audio: I recorded zombie sounds and edited them in Audacity.


What went wrong?

  • Menus: I spent too much time adding menus that didn’t really add anything to the game, I should have spend that time on the story and features instead.
  • Art: I should have made pixel art instead, it looks a lot better.
  • Unfamiliarity with IDE: Eclipse didn’t want to package my game into a jar file, lost quite some time trying to fix it.
  • Sidescrolling: I made a sidescroller without scrolling :P. I agree with the comments about my game, it was confusing.


Next time I’ll spend more time figuring out a story and adding features to the game. I’ll make pixel art and have written a tutorial for myself, so that I won’t get stuck trying to make a runnable jar. I’ll also make a timelapse video.


But the most important of all: I had fun. Even if I didn’t get very good ratings, I had a fun time making the game and I will participate in Ludum Dare 23 this weekend.


You can play my game here:


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