It’s decided… i’m in

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April 19th, 2012 8:32 am

So I was setting up my dev environment for this weekend… and I decided to make a little test ‘game’ … check it out here… made this in a couple of hours:
Tools I will be using:

  • ¬†Unity 3D ¬†(with plugins like RageSpline, Playmaker, Vectrosity, EZGui, iTween)
  • Visual studio
  • Photoshop
  • Audacity
  • TimelineFX
  • sfxr
  • 3dsmax(maybe)
Can’t decide if I will live-stream yet. Most likely will! (why not?)

And here are some images of my desk and myself getting pumped…


I’m going to stick to 2D this time I think. See how the theme inspires me.

Unfortunately I’ll be a bit late starting due to work commitments but other than that I’ve cleared my schedule and hopefully I can make something worth playing this time! I learnt a lot last time and hopefully I don’t get bogged down in some minor detail again.

It’s so late I should go to sleep to prepare!


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  1. sfernald says:

    Unity is the bomb. It is sick what you can do with that thing, especially with all those plugins. Probably the best game dev tool of all time.

    Nice Art! Are you an artist or was there a trick/tool for that?

  2. spiral says:

    Unity is certainly awesome sauce. The more I use it the more I like it. Especially with all the recent additions.

    The art stuff was just me and the splines from RageSpline. All inside Unity! (Check out the screen shot of the unity editor window showing the spline details)

    It’s a new plugin for me (as well as PlayMaker) so I’ll use this weekend to try learn them better. It’s a bit of a risk but it’s worth it! I picked them both up in the recent sales they had.


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