In. Again.

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April 19th, 2012 3:51 pm

After my last entry for December’s Ludum Dare going so well, I will most certainly be entering again this time around. I have the weekend cleanly scheduled off, which should minimize disruptions. As usual this will be a solo affair, with me manning the programming, design, art, and musicĀ  (in that order).

I haven’t settled on a particular library yet, but I expect to be using C++ again. Maybe Allegro, maybe SDL, or maybe I’ll take SFML or Cocos2D-X out for a spin. The latter looks like it makes it pretty easy to recompile projects for a variety of mobile platforms, but I’m probably getting ahead of myself; focus on making a game first. At the minimum I want to compile for Linux, OS X, and Windows (in that order).

Tools: vim, make, g++, firefox, some terminal emulator

Those curious can take a poke at my previous game projects on my website. I also exist on the Twitters.

Best of luck to everyone participating!

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