I’m in for 10th year old LD

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April 19th, 2012 3:06 pm

I was rather a spectator the last 3-4 editions of LD, and I was reluctant to attend the last time.
This time I’m in, even if all the conditions (IRL) are not optimal.

I’m (French) artist, web-developer. More used to HTML, CSS, PHP, JS …
If the subject permits I intend to use AGS (Adventure Game Studio), famous freeware

AGS : http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/

GFX : Adobe CS

SFX : (maybe mute), Audacity, or maybe tools enhanced by LD-website

LIB : HotSpot

MISC : Google-Translate XD

Otherwise, I would do with the means at hand.
I just hope not to rush into anything too complex …

Good luck everyone.

(in English, I tinker… I apologize in advance)

3 Responses to “I’m in for 10th year old LD”

  1. kiswa says:

    Why not use what you’re familiar with? There are many JavaScript libraries out there (I even made a basic one myself).

    Et votre anglais est très bon.

    • nSun says:

      I’m not really creative with JS. I use JS just for some effects or control for website.
      So, I’m not familiar with JS for making a game.

      I’m more confortable with AGS, because scripts are similar with PHP (C++ style).

      > Et votre anglais est très bon.
      Thanks to Google translate 😛

  2. kill0u says:

    GL&HF 😉

    Je ne pense pas le tenter perso, je ne l’ai pas vu venir et du coup je ne suis pas du tout préparé >.<
    Vais suivre ça de près en tout cas

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