Please provide a standalone Windows version of your games, so that people using Linux can test them using Wine !

Of course, a native client playable through Chrome would be better (ie. closer to native), but reports from Sophie Houlden are making it seem like a lot of trouble. So pretty please, for the sake of having your game played by more people, release a standalone Windows version !


6 Responses to “For all of you planning to use Unity3D, read this !”

  1. refreshcreations says:

    Will do :)

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. dertom says:

    Can’t agree more…this post should be made sticky…

  3. DiThi says:

    So many games I couldn’t play from my computer!!

  4. Codexus says:

    Of course, I always provide exe versions (windows and mac) and even recommend that people use them (better control over resolution and detail level)

    Also since the rules allow us to release ports to other platforms after the end, there is no excuse not to take a few minutes to release different versions.

  5. Desmont says:

    No problem. My tests also confirmed that the NaCl Chrome export works better on paper than in real life…

  6. Grungi Ankhfire says:

    Great to see such a positive response! So looking forward to play all of your games :)

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