A Hand-Drawn, Non-Platformer, Polished Flash Game

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April 19th, 2012 2:41 pm

Hey folks!

Glad lots of you seemed to like my keynote, I had lots of fun making it! As a note, all 5 games in the keynote video were made in a 48-hour time period (but unfortunately the video as a whole took me about a week to make).

Anyways, since I’m not just all talk, I will also be taking part this weekend!
BUT, I’ve set out a few challenges/resolutions for myself:

  • I’m going to make an 800×600 Flash game, so it is accessible and quick to play
  • But since my previous 2 games were platformers, this game will not be one
  • They were also pixelly games (as are a lot of LD entries), so I resolve to use completely hand-drawn graphics
  • Since animations take long to prepare, I will use as few animations as possible, or none
  • To make up for lack of hand-drawn animations, there will be many particles, effects, and lots of motion

I will be using tools I am comfortable with, though, as I still want to create a highly polished game:

  • My own engine, FlashPunk, to code the game
  • For tweens/animation/motion, I will use the lovely TweenLite library, my favorite
  • For graphics/animation, I will use Photoshop, and/or Flash if I choose an animated/cartoon style
  • I will record my own sounds with Audacity, using my Snowball microphone
  • I have no idea WTF to do about music, as I am unable to make tunes that do not cause hemorrhages

Best of luck to everybody, and especially to those FlashPunk users taking part!

Super pumped for this weekend. See y’all around!

11 Responses to “A Hand-Drawn, Non-Platformer, Polished Flash Game”

  1. wademcgillis says:

    Wow! What a coincidence.

    I was going to make a non-platformer, because my last two entries were platformers. All audio was going to be either an accordion or my voice. It was going to be made in Flashpunk, AND! It was going to have hand drawn graphics.


  2. thatshelby says:

    Hey, if you need something for music, you should tinker around with http://www.beepbox.co . I don’t like the way it handles some notes, so I usually plug it into pxtone after. It makes some nice results.

    • wademcgillis says:

      I second your suggestion for http://www.beepbox.co, but since he’s going for a more hand-drawn non-pixel-retro-8bit-stuff game, I don’t think it would fit.

    • shaktool says:

      Hi! I’m be happy to hear any feedback about Beep Box. What is it that bothers you about the way it handles some notes?

      • thatshelby says:

        Sometimes it’s annoying when you want to put two notes on the same line, with the buzz. I understand why, though. Oh, and when you have two notes in a row, on the same line, it acts as one long note, there is no kick again. I don’t know the right terms… I also dislike that you cannot set the volume for the drum channel.

        It’s a nice tool, it should deffo be on the tools page.

        • shaktool says:

          Hey, thanks!

          So, in my development version of Beep Box, which is not online yet, I’ve fixed a couple of these problems. In the new version, notes drop out at the end by default so consecutive notes will have a kick. Also, you will be able to set the volume of the drum channel. :)

          As for putting two notes on the same pitch… I’m not sure if there’s much to be done about that. I suppose it could help if the notes were detuned a little?

  3. BrennanAnderson says:

    I like the idea of hand drawn graphics. I’m a composer. I could do some music for you if you want. Check out my stuff. My site is http://badassmusicproductions.com. What length, and how many tracks are you thinking?

    • ChevyRay says:

      I have to make the game alone for the main compo, but for the 72-hour jam, maybe I’ll get someone to do some music for me :)

      I don’t know what my game idea is yet, I’m waiting for the theme to decide that.

  4. huhwhozat says:

    Thanks for the fun keynote and excellent presentation of such. The ending song was hella annoying though 😛

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