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April 18th, 2012 6:26 am

My warmup done yesterday: http://warmupld23.appspot.com/

I need to see how to handle tile map properly and i’m quite ready 😀

I’m really impatient to discover the theme!

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  1. uberneen says:

    I really liked the background on this. Was it procedural or just tiled?
    I’m not sure of the specific interval, but I want to say it was about once every playfield height (in terms of ship ‘travel’) the game would stall for almost half a second and then continue. It was very consistent.

  2. uberneen says:

    Strike that, it’s about every 2 – 2.5 seconds – just thought you’d like to know.
    The only unpolished element appears to be the intro screen, everything else has a great look and feel.

  3. devince says:

    Thank you. I noticed the bug too.
    You are right background sliding is not very good, I may look at it this evening because I will “teach” game dev to a friend so we will certainly modify this code, it will be a good excuse.

    Background was a poorly hand painted image with “stars” and I then applied the mosaic distortion filter in Gimp and it was good ;p

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