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April 17th, 2012 11:04 am

There’s a group of us joining the jam this time around. Not sure on numbers yet, since availability still hasn’t been completely confirmed, but there looks to be a good mix of people involved.

The code is being done in Java using the Eclipse IDE. Some external libraries will probably be used, such as TinySound for audio playback.

The tools being considered for music creation are Sibelius, SunVox, Band in a Box, and MuseScore, depending on the style of music required for the game we end up deciding upon.

The design is likely to heavily use pens and paper/graph paper, white boards, Excel, notepad documents, and shouting at each other.

The artists are using Photoshop, Paint.NET, and possibly some 3D editing software depending on game choice.

FRAPS and Chronolapse are being used for recording our development and some gameplay footage, which we’re intending on editing together at the various stages of development (or maybe after we’re done, if it looks like time is becoming more of an issue) to create some devlog type videos as well as a gameplay video.

The team is a mix of a couple of people who have game jammed before and a couple for whom it is their first time.

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