Third time lucky? – Im in! LD23

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April 16th, 2012 10:31 pm

Yep, this will be my third Ludum Dare – and after never submitting a game to the previous 2 I participated in, I’m hoping this will be the one!


I have a ton of homework going on for Uni this week which was making an attempt at this LD seem unlikely, but most of it is due Friday or much later next week. So I should go into the weekend comfortably and ready for this LD. I also managed to somehow score the entire weekend free from shifts at work, don’t ask me how in the world that happened, I’m still confused about it working out so well.

The only issue is that I don’t have a computer/laptop to work on. My ‘current’ one died about a week ago. Thankfully I was quick to order a new one, which should arrive tomorrow. So it should be a mad scramble to get everything installed and running as Ill be needing.

The kind of game I’m leaning towards this time round is a dark and atmospheric horror/exploration based game, so if a theme matches that I’ll be set since I have a few fitting ideas already. Between now and the weekend though, I’ll be trying to think up some other game ideas as well – to avoid that dangerous moment when the countdown reaches 0 and you have no idea what in the world to make…

Ill more than likely be using BGE (Blender Game Engine) again as well, along with my other usual tools (python for programming, gimp or photoshop for 2D work, audacity for audio etc) but depending on the theme I might end up doing a 8bit style game with openGL instead (been keen to work on a game like that for a while now)


Finally, since I live in South Australia, Ill at some point make the effort to head to Adelaide and attend attend meetup on the Adelaide Uni campus (as if I don’t spend enough time there already). Will be good to work on some games in a more social environment than the dark, dusty corner of my room.


So, my next post will be at the T-48 hours mark I imagine!

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