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April 16th, 2012 6:05 pm

My virginal entry! Don’t be too rough. Seems you’re supposed to use this as an opportunity to declare what you’ll be using for the Compo.

Engine: HaxePunk (a port of FlashPunk to the haXe programming language.) / NME for cross platform compilation (required by HaxePunk).

Editor: Sublime Text 2 (Evaluation version). This brings up a question…which I’ll ask later in the post.

Additional Libraries: Something to port Ogmo maps into haXe…will either need to find one or I’ll create my own and post it here. Switched to a TMX loader for haXe. Might also use this GUI library.

Graphics: Kolourpaint for the simple stuff / GIMP for the less simple stuff.

Sounds: Honestly don’t know; probably sfxr.

Additional Stuff: Ogmo Editor. Never used it, but whatever, it’ll be fun to learn. Looks like Ogmo made the dastardly move to XNA. I spent some time trying to get it to work on my Linux machine, and at least got it to compile using MonoGame, but cut my losses when I hit some runtime errors (not a big fan of MonoGame). Tiled it is!

So, my question. I know that the license of an open source editor has no effect on anything you produce from it (GPL or otherwise). But for something like Sublime Text 2, which isn’t open source and has a licensed version and a free (as in beer) evaluation version, would something I make using the evaluation version not be allowed to be sold? I doubt anything I make over this weekend will be worth a dime, but just musing here.

EDIT: Edits galore!

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  1. huhwhozat says:

    The content you create with the program should legally be completely separate from the program used to create it AFIK. If it’s a text editor, how’re they gonna know that some random .txt file was made with their program anyway? There’s absolutely no way to enforce that kind of restriction let alone any business sense it it. <_<

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