Hi, i’m new here.

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April 16th, 2012 5:55 pm

I’m 12 years old, this is my second gamejam, (first ludumdare), and i have no programming skills. Tips, please? Thanks!

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  1. Puzzlem00n says:

    Well, how’d you pull off your first game jam without programming skills?

  2. Suese says:

    What tool have you practised with the most? Use what you have practised with the most. Do a warm up, make sure you understand exactly how to do everything mentioned here: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/2012/04/11/warmup-weekend-ludum-dare-23/

    Also, keep your idea small. Make it the smallest game idea you’ve ever thought of. Simple as you can imagine because 48 hours is an EXTREMELY short period of time to make a game.

    To get an edge, have a few ideas already lined up and practised. Have yourself trained to sit in one place and work work work until your eyeballs bleed. Everything that seems tricky must be done immediately. Even if you don’t quite know what you are doing, fill your time with some task you know must be done in order to complete the project.


    You don’t stand a lot of hope if you aren’t prepared, so AFTER this competition, start practising! You probably have plenty of time to learn, so just start practising on small small ideas and complete as many small, polished games with that ‘complete’ feel to them. By the time the next ludum dare comes up, you will stand a chance of completing a good entry!

    Good luck my young friend.

  3. th3ub3r3x says:

    After this competition, I would recommend learning to program. Maybe python or JavaScript, which has a ton of excellent game frameworks. But during this compo, go with the post above. Simple simple simple, and then polish and tweak it until it shines! If you want, once the compo starts, I’d be happy to playtest it. markj95@gmail.com

    Mark Johnson

  4. AD-Edge says:

    Its probably a bit too late for this LD, but Id reccomend looking into the 3D app Blender. Its got an inbuilt game engine, Ive used it a lot and its where I started out with a lot of my 3D work.
    The engine uses ‘logic bricks’ which can take some time to learn, but the logic bricks are a more intuitive setup for anything game related, which pretty much take the place of programming.

    ie If you want a box to move, you apply to it 3 logic bricks: One to detect if a certain key has been pressed, one to transfer that signal in a particular way (AND, OR, XOR gates for example), and then one to carry out the action – a ‘motion’ logic brick. Then you just plug in the values, like the value for the amount you want the box to move, and which axis. And your away.

    BGE (Blender Game Engine) Also has the advantage of letting you incorporate as much code as you want as well, so later on when your getting into coding, you can mix it up with both logic bricks and code, or just use code entierly.

    Its a pretty flexable system to work with, and you can make a decent game fairly fast with logic bricks alone. BGE isnt the most optimized engine out there either, not by a long shot. But its a great starting point – in my opinion.

    Let me know if you want further information, I can send you some tutorials etc, but like I said, you may not have enough time to get familiar with the engine and logic bricks before this weekend begins.

  5. drlemon says:

    Thanks everyone!

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