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April 16th, 2012 6:05 pm

SWF • Description on DeviantArt

I made a little level editor a while ago, and now I polished up and released it as a SWF. It’s not super amazing, but it’s completely free and very simple and quick to use.

I remember someone posting about using Note Pad to design levels on a previous Ludum Dare, and I remembered how tedious it is to design anything worthwhile within a text editor, so I’m mainly releasing this so that no-one ever has to do that.

So if you know anyone that’s likely to use a Note Pad or any other basic text program for designing graphical 2D levels, show them this!

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  1. huhwhozat says:

    Nifty. I usually write my own in-game editor, but I’ve been known to use DAME as well. There are a couple of other options on the tools page (check the sidebar). I can vouch for TileEd as a decent package. I’ve heard good things about Ogmo too. Sometimes though, notepad or somesuch is just easier because you don’t have to deal with strange formats other programs output. I’ve heard a number of people create a level from a bitmap, and draw that in paint, too.

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