Preparing for Ludum Dare

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April 15th, 2012 2:12 am

Hi everybody!!!! I’m making preparations to my 2nd Ludum Dare.

The first one is code. After finishing my first entry, for LD22, I started to write an engine, so yesterday I created a github account and uploaded that engine.

You can find it by the name of Antagonista!

I expect to familiarize myself with the use of git, as I never used it before (I was a mercurial user, for now I still believe it is “simpler”, but I just want to get used to git). I had a complex structure of branches and tags in hg, now triing to replicate it on git, wathever, as soon as I can, I will update the master branch with info avout how it all works.

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  1. kiswa says:

    If you want to stick with Mercurial and also have Git as an option, I would have to recommend bitbucket ( I’ve been using them for several repos and have recently created one for ludum dare entries as well.

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