Ludum Dare 23 Theme Voting Begins!

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April 15th, 2012 12:49 pm

Theme voting has begun! Tune in every day this week for a new round of themes.

[ ROUND 1 | ROUND 2 | ROUND 3 ]

Special thanks to Sos for building and running the theme pruning site.

123 Responses to “Ludum Dare 23 Theme Voting Begins!”

  1. Usually I always go for the high-brow brainy themes, which never get chosen (Yay Nihilism!). But this time I’d be happy with “Stealth”.

    It’s kinda complicated, very interesting, and mass-appealing. Also, I suggested it 😛 (maybe others did too)

  2. Ben says:

    Anyway to view current results?

  3. digital_sorceress says:

    Not until about wednesday, ie, after round one has closed.

    I guess this is so that people can’t weigh up the results, and change their vote tactically.

  4. Jacic says:

    We have a lot of time travel/alternate universes/paradoxes/end of the word stuff this time around. Interesting.

    Having said that, vote stealth! 😀

  5. Xam says:

    Well with it being the super special 10 year anniversary, maybe its a hint to do something related to the past. 😛

  6. matt says:

    Santorum better be in one of the next rounds.

  7. calobi says:

    Anyone else having problems voting? It’s telling me I need to log in, despite saying “Howdy, calobi” in the corner and letting me post this. I’ve tried logging out then back in to no avail.

    • calobi says:

      I fixed it. Just used Incognito Mode. Guessing it’s something with my cache.

      • PoV says:

        Yes, if you ever run in to a problem with the website, 99% of the time it’s cache related. Doing a forced refresh (CTRL+F5) typically fixes it. There’s a very specific caching glitch I accidentally introduced that *sometimes* affects people. It’s hard to nail down, since it affects so few people.

  8. caranha says:

    Evolution + 1800’s technology!

    Dapper Biologists for the win 😀

    (stealth is not bad, though)

  9. makatak says:

    The topic selection looks good this year!

  10. Cake&Code says:

    The themes look pretty awesome, can’t wait to see what’s on the next few rounds.

  11. AD-Edge says:

    A lot of good themes going on in the first round! Pumped for this LD

  12. Jigxor says:

    These themes are awesome already! Can’t wait for round 2.

  13. Telladriel says:

    It says I need to sing in to vote, but I’m obviously signed in :S !?

    • calobi says:

      Try clearing your cache or using Incognito Mode (or your browser’s equivalent). There’s apparently a small problem with certain people’s cache not working that is too narrow and sporadic to solve easily.

  14. Gemberkoekje says:

    I’m going for a *takes a deep breath*

    The Revolutionary, Crazy Alternate 1800’s Evolution: Randomly Artificially Generated Reality Technologic Particle Life Recursion Creation

  15. Jiyko says:

    Evolution. Always and forever.

  16. Gib says:

    End of the world.

    It got a nice Doctor Who vibe 😀

  17. pythong says:

    Make it awesome, make it big! Make it crazy, it’s the freaking 10th anniversary and dammit, we’re going to break the 1000games-mark!

  18. bndwagn_junglst says:

    1800’s technology would be a huge win; I can already imagine some Twainpunk* craziness for that one.

    *like steampunk, but less Victorian and more Samuel Clemens

  19. ghRibacki says:

    Is round 2 going to be up today? By which time?

  20. RaveTZ says:

    Crazy Particles! :)

  21. martensms says:

    Supercool topics! My favorites are: “Misplaced in Time”, Evolution, “Senseless Violence” (:D 😀 :D) and Stealth, of course!

  22. makatak says:

    Not as happy with round 2 :(

  23. makatak says:

    Anyone else having trouble voting? The page just loads infinitely when I hit vote

  24. caranha says:

    Hmmm, Round 2 was kinda uninspired. A lot of very specific stuff. “growth” and “alchemy” are nice though, they allow for many possibilites. Round 1 was more interesting :-)

  25. icefallgames says:

    I assumed round 2 would consist of the winners from round 1. How does this actually work? Is each round a separate list, and the winners from each round make up the final theme candidates?

  26. xillix says:

    +1 for infinity!!!

  27. AD-Edge says:

    I was pretty happy with round 2 personally. I gave a -1 to only 3 themes, and 4 were 0’s, the rest were all +1 😀

  28. Gemberkoekje says:

    Can I vote -2 for anything including ‘Dungeon’?

  29. Nice theme-selection in round 2.

    …I still vote for Stealth. stealthstealthstealth

  30. Well, round 2 was nicer than round 1 for me.

    I’m happy with what I get, I suppose, as long as it isn’t too heady or intellectual.

    Go senseless violence! 😀

  31. Gemberkoekje says:

    Today’s theme:
    The Gathering Non-Linear Alchemy Castles: Grow Madness Resources for Cloud Wormholes

  32. PaulSB says:

    Guys! “Discovery” is in Round 3 – was used in Ludum Dare 19, I remember it well.

  33. TheAwsomeOpossum says:

    Well, Round 3 was okay I guess. Only thing is I don’t want to do weather or related themes since I just did Game in Ten Days (Kongregate Forums) and the theme was rain. So yeah.

    I voted +1 for Blindness, Indirect Control, Memory, Minimalism, Run for Your Life, Speed/Relentlessness, Stuff Blowing Up, and Unstoppable.

    Of course, pretty much any theme will be fine, I guess. I’m more just interested in something that can be fun =).

  34. ElzingaT says:

    Voted! So far I still think round 1 had the best options…

    Round 1 > Round 2 > Round 3

  35. kurai says:

    Uhm, Round 3 is not working for me. Keeps telling me to sign in, even if I’m already signed in :(

  36. Codexus says:

    Why are there so many duplicates of previously used themes? Oversight or subtle 10th anniversary Easter egg?

  37. PoV says:

    Hey folks. Yes, you might see some familiar themes in the theme list this time around. We had a small group of people filter the massive Google Docs list via a “which theme is better A/B” test, and many classic themes did make it in. So for the heck of it (10 year anniversary), I decided to leave them in. Feel free to vote for them any way you like, and if one of them does win, we will honor it as we usually do.

    But yes, after this event, we will have the pruning crew remove previously used themes.

  38. debarraGaming says:

    Is anyone else having trouble voting for ROUND 3? Every time I click the link it tells me I’m not signed in… :(

  39. makatak says:

    Round 3 was okay. Better than 2, but worse than 1. I’m kinda dissapointed that revolution was so low on Round 1 results :( Fear of the unknown, indirect control, teamwork, minimalism, out of the blue, unstoppable, unknown things are around us, and some other ones were pretty good. I like the unknown!

  40. TehWut says:

    This is going to be a great LD. The themes that really caught my attention were Run for your Life, Relentless, Fear of the Unknown, Paranormal, and Unknown things around Us. I truly think these would be amazing themes to work with.

  41. caranha says:

    So many “you gonna make a game like THIS” themes…. “ambiguity”, “weather” and “teamwork” were the only themes that I found really interesting, open themes.

    • Pierrec says:

      @Caranha THANK YOU! I was starting to panick while reading the previous comments ^^

      Always choose the most challenging!

    • Gemberkoekje says:

      As bndwagen said, most themes are only as limiting as your own imagination. A theme like Growth could mean a theme with trees and plants (like my warmup thing) but it could also refer to personal growth for an RPGesque character etcetera.

      • Pierrec says:

        I agree with that.
        Every theme could be great, and I’m sure I’ll find some good ideas for any theme. It’s just…I’m afraid to play 200 times the same game while rating…
        But maybe I’m pessimist

  42. EverAlert says:

    So, I’m fairly new to the whole voting process… How is the final theme actually decided on if all the rounds have different groups of themes? Top voted themes face off in the final round or something?

  43. bndwagn_junglst says:

    Out of round one, I was really hoping for ‘Senseless Violence’; I already had a ‘Jenny Everywhere vs. Absolutely Everyone’ beat-em-up idea…oh well.

  44. bndwagn_junglst says:

    @Caranha, I think most of these, with a little thought, aren’t `you will make a game like THIS’ themes at all. ‘one room’, for example, sounds super limiting, but it actually has potential; loosely interpreted, it could mean ‘the big blue room’, a sporting arena for some kind of absurd sport that doesn’t exist yet, or it could mean a character that is trapped somewhere and can only travel/explore via their imagination or something.

    I have pretty high hopes for this.

  45. 7Soul says:

    So, when are we getting kittens?

  46. AlwaysGeeky says:

    Some really great themes I am seeing, cant wait!

  47. Toast says:

    Round 4 does not work for me.

  48. Make A Game says:

    Recursion again in Round 4?

  49. Shephiroth says:

    Round4 have some problematic themes. “There’s No Time To Explain!”, “Things Are Not As They Seem” and “Reinventing The Wheel”. Not impossible, but i hope none of this win.

  50. steamx says:

    I’m not that satisfied with the themes i could vote for. But at least i got a few ideas for some of them.

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