PyxelEdit free during Ludum Dare 23

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April 13th, 2012 4:55 am

I have released the current build of my pixel art tool PyxelEdit for use during Ludum Dare 23.

It has some special features that might come in handy for making pixel art and tiles.

Get it here:

A screenshot:

Here’s a video showing some of it’s features:

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20 Responses to “PyxelEdit free during Ludum Dare 23”

  1. spilth says:

    Looks very nice! Makes me wish it was for Mac too :-)

  2. DaviDeMo says:

    woot! very cool!

  3. Puzzlem00n says:


    P.S. You are a pretty good pixel artist.

  4. sf17k says:

    I recognize that default palette. Very nice.

  5. Hmm, well. This certainly aint perfect, but it’s a pretty big step in a very promising direction. There’s a good chance I’ll be using this *and* GIMP this LD. Cheers :)

    • Danik says:

      I’m the first to admit it’s not perfect, but I still think it can be useful in it’s current form so I decided to share it anyways. I will continue working on it, so any feedback is helpful.
      I would be honored if you used it for LD. :)

      • I think the main thing that would improve it at the moment is some polishing (dull I know). Particularly:

        – Handling loading of pictures nicely (allow tile size setup etc.)
        – Handling scaling with tile editing up.
        – Make tile drawing mode clearer/more consistent.
        – Remember recently opened files.

        I’m finding the key bindings a bit awkward, always pressing wrong key. This is probably primarily because I’m so used to the ones in The GIMP, but I think you could make the current set a lot more intuitive. Either make order consistent with UI, or else use descriptive letters (p=pencil, e=eraser etc.)

        Can’t figure out how colour replace works.

        • Danik says:

          Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. I’m currently doing some heavy refactoring, but will keep it in mind.
          The color replace tool replaces your current background color with your foreground color when you draw.

  6. DaviDeMo says:

    Thank you for this tool, I’m using it for the warmup!

  7. rawbits says:

    Hey! This is similar I’m making for my GameBoy and DS games and demos.

    I want a better color picker tool though. Like this: and ofcourse it needs to be compatible with the colorformat of the platforms. Not to mention the limitations.

    Really nice work! You gave me some ideas. Thank you!

  8. TheSheep says:

    After spending two hours trying to get the broken Adobe installer to work on my computer (and a success), I got: “This application requires an update to Adobe AIR that is not available for your system.”


  9. gammabeam says:

    Check, working like a charm on Mac!
    Looks like I found my graphics tool for my first LD! 😀

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