Ludum DEALS for LD23

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April 13th, 2012 6:38 am

Here is a list of discounts and extended trials for Middleware and Tools.

Unity Pro 3.x (Team License, iOS Pro, Android) – Expires July 13th (3 Months)!
Serial: T3-BVJ7-G9FV-WXBW-H9JP-S5N2 (200 uses) Gone! Waiting for more.
TIP: Unity is still usable without a Pro key.
Download: Here | More Info: Installation Help

For non-commercial use. I.e. Prototyping, portfolios, and creating a game to pitch/seek funding for (buying it removes a little Unity watermark).

PlayTomic Premium – Expires December 31st, 2012 (All Year)!
Create an Account at, log in, then click our special link to unlock your FREE YEAR!

Special Link:

Supports a wide variety of platforms including Flash, Unity, HTML5, iOS, Android, and more. Details Here!

Corona SDK Pro – 2 Month Free COMMERCIAL License!
Sign Up, Download and Install Corona:

Send an e-mail to David with your account name, and he’ll unlock 2 months of Pro for you:

NOTE: For Judging, it’s highly recommended you use TestFlight for iOS users, and provide an Android Binary/Google Play Store link.

If any of the codes above stop working before April 23rd, let me know.

Freebie Tools and Middleware

As it turns out, free software can’t get any free’er, so here’s a list of free Middleware and Tools where the developers got in contact with us.

If you’d like to offer a deal or freebie, contact me or leave a comment.

26 Responses to “Ludum DEALS for LD23”

  1. Deepflame says:

    I hope I get home from work in time before the keys have all ran out. 😉

  2. Morgawr says:

    I don’t know if this counts as “deal”, but this is a pretty amazing free (as in beer AND freedom) game engine for quick and fast prototyping of 2D games (in C++).

    Might be interesting.

  3. sfernald says:

    A new version of the LOVE framework just came out and it looks like it has all sorts of improvement. It is free and a definite fit for anyone interested entering the contest.

    Also, btw, I can’t stay logged in to this site when I log in on my iPad. I appear logged out as soon as I go to this page to make a post. Is there a known issue with using this site on the iPad safari browser???

  4. voxel says:

    Thanks PoV. With the unity key, do you have a link to some legal doc regarding its use?

    • PoV says:

      No specific document on legal usage, but it’s non commercial. If you end up in a situation where you can make money from it, you buy it.

      Speaking of buying, there may be a discount on Unity Pro coming too. No promises, but it’s something I’m looking in to as well.

  5. Per says:

    Maybe you can put that 40% deal of “The Game Jam Survival Guide” here as well

  6. KungPhoo says:

    If you prefer a compiled BASIC over Unity3D’s JavaScript/C# or Boo, you can try GLBasic for free and might win an Android Tablet, as well:

  7. Zerod says:

    Hi, i have a Question: Can i Use this Web App or offends this against the rules?
    If not… I think that’s really good for unmusical people.

  8. YMM says:

    Not the shamelessly self-promote, but if you need a level editor you might want to try out my Ogmo Editor.

    It’s completely free and open source, runs on Windows and exports levels as XML. There’s support for bitstring grids, tilemaps and “entities” (objects that you can assign variables/paths to).

  9. Andy says:

    If you need some music for your game, then is an excellent resource. Lots of tracks (currently 227 of them) that are free to use (even for commercial games without reward).

    Clearly stated in the FAQ page that these can be used, but would be nice if you could credit the chap :)

  10. rab236 says:

    Unity has a basic free version.

  11. emongev says:

    Unity3d is saying its been activated too many times =(

  12. Ovno says:

    Don’t forget there’s always the free indie licence for unity, can be used for commercial but is missing a couple of features (source control compatiblity, shiney water, real time shadows and direct renderer access being the most notable)

    It’s what I was planning on using, saves me from using a feature I won’t be able to sell my game because of …

  13. ncannasse says:

    I’m giving away free licenses for Haxe : and NME ! (it’s all open source of course !)

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