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    A New Direction and Some Progress

    Posted by (twitter: @henrythescot)
    April 13th, 2012 1:15 pm

    So… psychological design got boring quickly. It hit me that the thing actually would be kind of meaningless and boring to play. :(

    So… I took what I had and went in a new direction. Basically, I am un-forking my two shmup projects, merging Pew Pew into a different one entirely.

    Basically, I’m remaking an old game of mine.

    In 2007, I was in high school. I had learned Java in a class and was happy. I had made Tetris for the class’s final project, and the presentation had gone very well. I was pleased.

    But… I wanted to make a shmup. So I made Space Assault, which was a mediocre shmup, but it was a working game that I made. I was very pleased.

    Now, some years later, I’m more experienced in game development. I have knowledge of better tools (I used Swing for the original Space Assault) and I am better with artwork.

    So… time to start fresh and do the thing over. Time to remake Space Assault. :)

    Here’s a screenshot:

    Screenshot of the player's ship on a green background

    The player's ship on a green background. It'll make sense later, promise!

    I am going to do a really nice remake of the original game later on, but for the LD warmup I just want to get it working as a serviceable shmup. I will make some boilerplate, which I will use for the LD jam. I’ll post a zip of the boilerplate when I have the stuff that I intend to use later.

    Trying a new type of sendoff here…

    When’s the last time you strolled down memory lane?

    – Henry

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