Isn’t that cool? Isn’t that just the most coolest thing ever? Because it is. It really is. I want to get deeper into this but really that’s all there is to it. I’m going to make a video game, you’d better make a video game too. Who wouldn’t want to make a video game? I can make a Video Game, you can make a video game, we’ll all make video games and it’ll be amazing. Truly amazing. Just think about how amazing that is. I’ll tell you how amazing it is that so many people take part in making video games; it’s the best. I spend a lot of time around people who know things about making video games. So I often forget how AWESOME it is, how UNIQUE that actually is. So just remember, you’re making a video game, you’re creating a video game, and not just any video game; your video game. and that’s just about the best thing ever.



2 Responses to “We’re going to make games. Video games. You know, on the Computer.”

  1. Are you excited? I’m excited! You’re right about how AMAZING this is! Everybody needs to be excited about this, I mean it! Let’s make some video games! I’m working on one RIGHT NOW! It’s AMAZING! I mean, everybody should be excited about this stuff! We’re making VIDEO GAMES! How would you childhood self feel if you told him/her that he/she was going to make VIDEO GAMES when he/she grew up? Pretty darn excited, I think! How can we NOT be excited?! It’s LUDUM

  2. freaking DARE! It’s the most freaking AMAZING thing! I’m so excited I hit TAB and then SPACE by accident! Yow!

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