One of a Kind Final Postmortem

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April 12th, 2012 9:23 pm

Just realized that I never actually posted this post publicly. -_-;  well here it is…


I know I already did one, wait no two postmortems for One of a Kind, but I thought I’d give it one more look now that ratings are out.

So, how did I do?  Really freaking well!  Let’s go with the categories from bottom to top:

Humor: 2.07, #258
Well, no real surprise here, as my game has a distinct…lack of humor.  To be honest, I don’t know why people voted anything more than 1 here, other than just not wanting to vote 1 star just because.

Graphics: 2.92, #248
Yeah, 3 stars is about right for this.  I actually felt really good about the game’s look, because everything looks very clean and nothing like all of these chicken-scratch entries that you normally get in an LD.  Despite that, it’s still really simple, and a far cry from the entries that actually have really great pixel art and all.  So 3 stars is just about right.

Theme: 3.13, #187
This is…probably about right too.   I had a neat theme going with my game’s narrative, but the tie-in to “alone” was at least -slightly- tenuous.  So I deserved some points for -having- a good theme, but I didn’t deserve quite that many points since it didn’t tie in as well.

Mood: 3.30, #87
Did pretty good here–I might even have expected to do a little better, but I guess my game isn’t really quite so atmospheric or immersive as some of the other ones, so maybe it’s not worth 4 stars.  Still, the music I made really fits the kind of feel that I was going for, and even the character graphics were fine for that.  The ending was also at least slightly cool ;P

Fun: 3.21, #64
I did good here too!  Unfortunately I probably got docked here because of my level design which seemed to be a little hit-or-miss with people.  Some people seemed to really enjoy the puzzles, and other people just thought they were either too hard or too repetitive and boring.  And that’s sort of a gamble I took by making a 2D platformer with an untested mechanic.  Given that I didn’t know how the mechanic was going to pan out at all, I’d say I actually did pretty well!  However, I probably would have been able to get more points here if I created something like a shmup or something.  But that wasn’t the game I wanted to make this time, and it wouldn’t have been innovative or fit the mood.

Audio: 3.39, #45
I actually wish I could have done better here, since I’m quite fond of my music production skills.  But I wasn’t really able to showcase my traditional kickin chiptune electronic style because of the mood I was going for.  Ah well; I still did well anyways, which is honestly probably not that hard given that half of the LD entries you see have no music and most of the others have really shoddy music (understandable since I know most of you guys aren’t music people).   Top 50 is cool though!

Innovation: 3.63, #37
Getting good here!  I don’t think my mechanic was totally mind-blowing, but I think it was pretty new and definitely a new type of puzzle that people probably haven’t seen before.  So this seems about right too!

Community: 3.64, #32
Actually a little surprised I did so well here…I guess people appreciated my lengthy post-mortems and writeups.  I didn’t have any timelapses or livestreams and to be honest I didn’t feel very in touch with the LD community and wasn’t in the IRC channel much at all or anything.  The thing about the LD community is that it’s just so BIG–we’re talking 1000 people or something like that, so it feels like a huge crowd.  If I knew other people (whether IRL or online) doing it, I might interact with them and bounce ideas off of them/etc, but I didn’t, so…yeah.  It’s nothing like One Hour Compos at where we have like 20 people there and most of us are regulars.  I actually hope to have a little bit more community interaction next time around…it’s also a good way to get votes if you go into IRC and do “I’ll rate your game if you rate mine!”, which is how I got some of my last-minute rates :)

Overall: 3.70, #24
24th place!!!  I actually expected to do pretty decent here simply because I think my game works really well as a cohesive package when you combine music, sound, art, puzzles, and narrative.  But I certainly didn’t expect to be in the top 25!  Granted I really don’t have a good feel for the “distribution” of quality in LD games, but still, 24th out of 891, holy cow!  It’s really flattering, and really awesome.  Course, now this means I need to shoot even higher for next time…;)

Coolness: 59%
Could have done a little better here, but eh, I got my bronze badge and was happy with that. ;P  Rating other games can be kind of hit or miss…you have this huge pile of games that are half-baked and not really there, and then there are the really popular ones that everyone likes, and then every once in a while there’s a decent/good one out there that you randomly stumble upon.


So, what do I want to change for next time around?

First off, I hope to use something other than  I know OSX/Linux users are in the minority, but it’s still just a little too much trouble to run the game on those systems, especially for people who have 25 other entries to rate.  I might look into Flixel since that seems to be a really popular choice, and having  a web-playable game is great for getting votes (or at least, I felt that way when I was slogging through my 25 ratings for bronze).  Other options include Lua with Love2D or PyGame, but I want to try Flixel at least once.

I also really hope that I’m not super-busy and caught unprepared for next time, because that was just unfortunate.  I want to have my full 48 hours, please :)



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