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    LD23 Warmup – Pew Pew

    Posted by (twitter: @henrythescot)
    April 12th, 2012 10:17 am

    So, I decided a while back that I would join the warmup weekend.

    It’s much longer than a weekend, and that makes me happy. :)

    My game is a shmup. I’ve been working on one, but I need a cleaner code base to work from. The one I had is a mess of excess inheritance and unimplemented methods.

    Here’s the premise: You fly a little space ship and shoot bad guys. On different intervals (in kill count) enemies either give off a bigger explosion, drop a score/weapon/extra life item, or give off a bigger explosion and drop three items.

    The levels are assembled randomly from hand-made parts and have randomly chosen bosses from about a dozen hand-scripted bosses.

    The idea is this: Motivate the player with scheduled reward to make the game more compelling.

    The idea comes from the idea that games work partly by rewarding the player. Hence, I figure that I can make a compelling game simply by deliberately rewarding the player.

    The Wikipedia article about behaviorism can give those who are curious a better idea of how this is supposed to work.

    Peace, love, and manipulation,

    – Henry

    Edit: While I’m at it, here’s the article about behavior modification, which is also relevant

    3 Responses to “LD23 Warmup – Pew Pew”

    1. thatshelby says:

      One reason rewards work is because they’re earned, not given for nothing. How fun would the olympics be if everyone got a gold medal?

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