I’m in! With a few unfortunate caveats…

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April 12th, 2012 9:32 pm

LD22 was my first time doing Ludum Dare, and I’m looking forward to participating again!

I used C# and SDL.net last time, but those proved to be really unwieldy for distribution on OSX and Linux.  This time I’ve decided to use Flixel, which I’m pretty excited about, because really there’s no reason I =shouldn’t= be using something like Flixel for the kind of 2D pixel-graphics chiptune games that I like to make.  Plus it’ll make distribution and everything a lot easier.

My primary task between now and next week is to make a test game with Flixel.  Probably some really really quick shmup or something like that, just to get used to the syntax because I have no actionscript experience (looking at example code, though, it seems like I’ll be fine).

Last time I got 25th place overall.  Although I’d like to strive for improvement this time around, I think that’s too high a bar to be setting for myself, so I’m going to just go into things with the expectation that I might not do quite -that- well.  And if I do anyways, well it’ll be a pleasant surprise :)

One of my main goals this time is to make something that’ll showcase my musical ability more, since that’s one of my main strengths.  So I’m going to probably try for a game that’ll lend itself to lots of great chiptune music.  I’m also not going to do another puzzle game, because those are really hard to design levels for, as we learned from last time around.  It’s not really that fun to sit around scratching your head like that, so I’m going to put less emphasis on being innovative so I can just make a game that’s =fun=.  Polish will also be important, just like last time.

Now, the bad news: Just like last time, I’ve got other commitments…2 dance events during the timespan of ludum dare, so that’ll be 6 or so hours out of the 48 that I won’t have.  I could just not go to one of those events, but my feeling right now is that I’ll probably end up going to both.  Well, it can’t really be helped.  Maybe it’ll be a good way to break and relieve stress anyways. :)  or maybe I’ll have some sort of gameplay mechanic breakthrough while I’m dancing ;P

I’m also pretty busy from now until LD so let’s hope I really have enough time to prep myself for this…*crosses fingers*

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