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April 12th, 2012 2:09 pm

I’ve been looking at a bunch of you guys’s posts declaring what things you’re going to use to make your games. I was hoping to come across something like sfxr for tiles but didn’t. Long story short, I made one. Maybe you’ll like it. More information and download links including source here.

In case it’s mandatory, I’ll say that I’m in for LD23, and in case it’s useful, I’ll probably be using:
-HTML5 canvas element and Javascript
-Notepad++ for coding
-Firefox and Firebug for debugging and procrastinating
-Audacity and sfxr for sound effects
-Dan’s Tile Maker, MS Paint, and GIMP for graphics
-Dropbox for hosting
-AutoHotKey and Foobar2000 for not going crazy

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  1. Puzzlem00n says:

    The program doesn’t work for me on Windows 7, so I can’t run it. But what do you mean by sfxr for tilemaps? You mean just a random terrain generator? I don’t understand the benefits of that.

  2. dansludumdare says:

    Hi. In fact I developed in Windows 7… do you have a more specific description of how it fails? It’s built for 32bit, which I assume works on 64bit.

    What I mean by sfxr for tiles is that you’re given a few basic things: Perlin noise and blurring for example, and you can combine them to make rudimentary but, I think, workable graphics for tiles. It’s not like other programs don’t have those things and more, but as far as I know they don’t work in the paradigm where the tiles’ edges wrap. For example, in this image


    the grass tile is constructed so that it can be placed next to itself without a noticeable line running along the seam. I’m not sure how Square did it, but I’m betting it involved an art team, which we don’t have.

  3. Puzzlem00n says:

    Oh, I thought it was for tile mapping, not tile graphics. Hmm. Still cool though.

    It opens an error message that says MSVCP100.dll is missing. I don’t know, could be a problem on my end.

    • dansludumdare says:

      Nope, my end. Thanks for the info. Redownload and try again if you’re still interested.

      What I learned: It’s easier to make a distributable with CodeBlocks and GCC than it is with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

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