Streak broken, confidence not

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April 11th, 2012 5:04 pm

I missed LD22 due to being out of state for an interview for an awesome job

Well, I got the awesome job and I’m happily situated now. Just got my rig rebuilt a couple of days ago so nothing but freshly installed software and shiny new hardware.

Same song and dance mostly:

  • Language: C# (XNA + .NET 4)
  • Engine: FlatRedBall
  • “Graphics”: GIMP, GraphicsGale
  • Music: Burnstudio Audio Tool (Probably)

I’ve got to sit down over the next few days and spend some quality time relearning FRB since a ton of awesome features and tools have been added.

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  1. stoo says:

    Hi FireSlash,

    This is my first time doing Ludum Dare and I was thinking about using XNA, but the competition tips make it sound like it’s not a good idea. Did you have any problems getting people to play XNA games or does everyone just have the redistributable framework installed already? If it’s going to be a chore I might just switch to a web based game!

    Oh and congrats on the awesome job!



    • FireSlash says:

      As long as you do everything in your power to make it easy for people to run your game, you should still get a good number of reviews.

      For instance, check out my lD21 entry:

      Download links to all prereqs are listed in the description, so they’re easy to find and install if needed. I’m sure some of the web kids get a few more reviews, but it’s never really held me down from getting good feedback.

      I might switch to web stuff at a later date, but I enjoy working with XNA… and really LD is more about having fun and learning than it is winning.

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