Live Ludum Dare 23 Video Streams

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April 11th, 2012 12:13 am

Viewers, look below. Participants, post a comment with a link to your live video stream.

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  1. PoV says:


    Okay this isn’t much of a guide, but popular choices for streaming are and LiveStream.

    For reference, the video streams list from last time:

  2. quill18 says:

    Heya folks!

    I normally spend my time doing video game Let’s Plays and commentaries on YouTube, but I participated in LD22 and streamed everything and had an AMAZING time with my viewers. I can’t wait to do it again with LD23:

    Depending on what the theme ends up being, I’m thinking of developing a game as web app with lots of server-side stuff and hopefully some simple asynchronous multiplayer features.

    Can’t wait!!

    My LD22 Post-Mortem:

    You can find me on YouTube at — My channel focuses on strategy, sim, and RPG games, plus indie games of all stripes.

  3. Raptor85 says:

    Here’s mine, just set it up and wrote myself a nice little script to stream the video for me

    (ignore the videos on there right now, it recorded me while i was speed testing different encode settings)

  4. DaviDeMo says:

    This is mine setting and testing up asap

  5. Folis says:

    In case anyone wants to watch/stalk/copy my source-code for own use (even though it’s not allowed)

    Will be running almost all the 48 hours.

  6. xBlinkedx says:

    I’ll hopefully be streaming over at
    The reason I say hopefully is because I’m moving to a new house that same weekend (which sucks) but I’ll try to get my computer and internet set up over there early, and if that happens, I’ll probably stream the whole 48 hours 😀

    • xBlinkedx says:

      Also, I just did a bit of stream testing, and I believe that I will also be streaming in 1080p!!! also, the actual link is

      • xBlinkedx says:

        So as it turns out, xsplit just updated and free users can no longer stream in 1080p… So nvm, expect 720p. -_-

        • Raptor85 says:

          I believe ffmpeg works in windows as well (well, actually, I KNOW it does, half the audio/video tools for windows are just pretty buttons that use it, lol). Don’t know how to define video/audio sources for windows boxes by the streaming script in my post might be able to be made work on windows. ( is just rtmp protocol, so all you need is something to encode the video and upload it as it encodes to the rtmp url)

  7. spooderw says:

    I will be livestreaming my attempt at
    Been meaning to jump in for years, finally have the time to give it a go this time around!

  8. zairon says:

    I will be live streaming my game for LD23 here:

  9. Nick Cash says:

    I will be live at Also planning on recording a timelapse, and getting my teammates to do so as well.

  10. Perrin says:

    We’ll be doing a two man live stream from:

  11. edg3 says:

    I will also be live streaming (now that I have XSplit again) –

    Will do a time lapse as well.

  12. Sodaware says:

    Not a video stream, but I’ll be streaming text posting screenshot updates here:

  13. Cappibara says:

    watch me and a friend make the worst ludum dare game EVER!

  14. Jigxor says:

    I’ll be streaming my dev here for a little while tomorrow:

  15. petterroea says:


  16. DSidhion says:

    I’ll be streaming at
    Awesome music guaranteed.

  17. NeiloGD says:

    I will be streaming too. Not sure if I’ll do it all, or just the exciting bit (music, art, etc). We’ll see :)

  18. midgard says:

    I will be making my game with Blender Game Engine.

  19. voidah says:

    Here’s mine, will be streaming all the week-end (about 36 hours)

  20. sauronz says:

    I will be streaming too! (11:00 CEST)
    Stream will be running 720p (blame XSplit for capping it…), and I will be coding AS3.

  21. Erik McClure says:

    I will be streaming some kind of C++/LUA monstrosity at

  22. elvisbrevi says:

    my first live streaming for Ludum Dare here:

  23. Dew says:

    I will be streaming the whole weekend, hardstyle and dubstep for everyone + good algorithms!

  24. zenasprime says:

    Add us to the band wagon…

  25. Julian Ceipek says:

    I’ll be streaming at
    This will be my first solo game jam.

  26. Ace says:

    I’ll be trying my hand at streaming,

  27. xelu says:


  28. GooeyHeat says: I’ll be streaming here, and playing music (mostly video game soundtracks that I like, because they’re instrumental). I mostly plan on doing this to keep me focused, since if people are watching, I won’t dilly-dally off to random websites.

  29. tomhunt says:

    I am live streaming my desktop for the weekend at

  30. danlthemanl says:
    I’ll be streaming off and on throughout the weekend 😀

  31. for what I’ll be doing.

    It will probably be very boring.

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