I’m in again!

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April 11th, 2012 8:36 pm

Well, I had never even touched Java until the beginning of the last Ludum Dare, I hope I fare a little better in this one! I might be attending the Ludum Dare meetup in Manchester if a spot opens up :)

There’s also a chance I’ll have to halt development, my Wife is due on May 7th, so could give birth any time! (they say 2 weeks either end, which puts it at 22nd, but still)

What’ll I be using?

Language: Java again!
Art: Paint.net
¬†Music: Sfxr for sound effects, I’ve not decided for actual sound. Time to learn MilkyTracker I think!

I’ll be livestreaming, of course!
I’ll be recording my desktop too, so I can put up a timelapse on youtube when I’m done.

I made a platformer last time, and I looked to the code of Notch’s metagun when I got stuck (which was often). While it helped me learn a lot about java, and game development, I can’t help but feel like I took a shortcut.

Unless the theme is very specific, I want to stray away from a platforming game, if possible, really put myself out of my comfort zone, both genre-wise and mechanics-wise. Isn’t that what Ludum dare is about? For me, it’s certainly a learning experience.

I’m curious as to how well I do. I like to think my java skill has improved somewhat in the past 4 months (I’ve been coding pretty much non-stop in that time, being unemployed).

I wish all of you the best of luck in your endeavours!

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