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    Not to Worry, I Have a Plan

    Posted by
    April 6th, 2012 4:17 am

    I mentioned before that I’m quite rusty in the games programming department. To have a chance at producing something worthwhile in a 48 hour weekend cram, I’m going to have to practice. In the spirit of stretching my mental muscles, relearning old stuff I’ve forgotten, and learning the new stuff that QBASIC couldn’t do back in my high school days, here comes… Andrew’s Eight Days of Game Design!

    Yeah, it needs a catchier title. And possibly a different number of days. The choice of eight was completely arbitrary. Each day will feature a focused effort to learn and develop the tools necessary to address a different game design issue. Most of these are interchangeable:

    • The Graphics — most of my games were text based, but that’s not going to get me very far these days.
    • The User Interface — explains itself, really. Heck, even Progress Quest had to include an interface!
    • The Network — most any game I design will want to be a multiplayer game. It’s a pain, but it has to happen.
    • The Audio — should be straightforward, but I haven’t messed with audio in my programming in many many years.
    • The Engine — will depend largely on the particular game design but without a good idea of how to control, blend, and regulate all the other elements, I won’t have a game.

    I’ve got about two weeks to get ready for my first Ludum Dare. Will it be enough? We’ll see.

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