Hello! Once again, I’m in for the Jam 😀

I’ve participated in a couple of compos and jams before this one:

1.- Last time I tried to make a HTML5 Game (Phares), with really poor results on the coding and design side of things (it did pretty well on the Art and Sound department).

2.- I tried to make something for Mini-LD 29, but it was sooo boring that I did not bother to send it :-p ( here it is in case you feel like doing something boring, I still think the idea has potential, will look into it later )

3.- For LD 21 I did “Escaparazzi“, it did not get high scores on the compo, but this little piece of game, has taken me far (basically: I polished it a little, sent it to another compo, won, landed my dream job), currently I’m working on a extended version of the extended version.

So, my tools:

– Even tho I f*ckng hate Javascript with passion, HTML5 is the “way of the future”, so once again I’ll be using ImpactJs. (Seriously, we need a open source framework on par with Flixel or Flashpunk, I love ImpactJs… but it makes me feel dirty to use a closed source framework here, sadly i’m not “coder enough” to build my own)

–  Notepad++ I love it. period.

Aria Maestosa, GXSCCSFXRAudacity, el-cheapo microphone, a sock. The most convoluted audio workflow EVAR. Somehow works for me: Compose in Aria Maestosa (or blatantly make cut-outs of sheet music I like), take each instrument to GXSCC, make it sound like I want, mix it all in Audacity, with all the effects and samples I want to add.

– Photoshop CS 5.5 too powerful compared to the open source options. I just can’t get used to any of the paid, free or open source alternative. (might try CS 6 Beta)

And that’s about it. Good Luck Everyone!

2 Responses to “I’ll have get a clone of myself in order to do all that I have to do in time, but I’m in!!”

  1. Eelfroth says:

    For some reason The_End.swf doesn’t react to anyting I do when I get to the part where I “should just start typing”.

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