First Ludum Dare Attempt

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April 6th, 2012 6:37 am

Greetings Programs!

This will be my first ludum dare attempt. I found out about ludum dare only days before LD20. Since then I’ve been very intrigue by the whole concept of creating a game from start to finish in only 48 hours. Seems impossible, but previous entries point to the contrary. Now that I’m out of college and have some experience working with some tools, I figured I’d finally give this a shot.

At the very least I plan to use the time to jumpstart a project that has been swimming in my head for ages (provided it ends up fitting in with the theme). However, I may try and come into this compo cold, with no expectation for what I want to make and just focus as much as I can on the theme (instead of trying to make a pre-existing idea fit the theme). Anyway, the following is a list of tools I plan on using for the compo:

  • libGDX (a java game development framework targeted toward Windows, OSX, Linux, & Android)
  • GIMP (the poor man’s photoshop…I’m a programmer, not an artist, but it should be fun regardless)
  • BFXR (sound effects)
  • not sure about music; I might use Audacity or LMMS…not sure though. I might even try using AudioTool or AudioSauna (a couple of chrome apps).
  • TexturePacker (the essential version…just got out of college….I’m broke).
  • Tiled (map editor…if it is needed 😉 )
  • my handy dandy notebook (for sketching out ideas)

I also plan on doing some progress blogs on here and maybe on my own personal blog (not sure yet…depends on how “in the zone” I get). I’ll also try and do a timelapse to show the whole process, but that is also a maybe. I think that is everything. I’ll be sure to post something if any of my tools change.

Release Targets:

  • Windows, OSX, & Linux via executable jar (.jar), Java webstart (.jlpn), and as a Java Applet (…maybe…probably)
  • Android (maybe 1.5+) – I’ll attach a .apk file that people can download and install on their phones manually (if I can’t get it into the Play store) I have more experience with Android so that will be my main target platform, but I’ll be working on the desktop versions right along side it.

Good luck to everyone! Let’s make some games! Have fun!



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