Using Flash Libraries?

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April 4th, 2012 12:16 am

So, I’ve seen a lot of games which use, and heard a lot of people talking about different libraries in Flash, such as Flixel, Box2D, FlashPunk, etc. Personally, I’ve only used Flash CS5, with the regular API and no external code, nothing I haven’t written myself.

But a lot of people use these libraries, and they seem to be particularly effective, especially with pixel based games. Furthermore, the regular graphics in Flash is supposedly inefficient, and lags up quite a bit whenever you try and get it to do too much.

So does anyone have any recommendations as to what direction I should take my programming, especially for the next Ludum Dare? I’m not a complete noob, and I have made tile-based games and things like that myself, I’m mainly concerned with efficiency and reducing lag, and also the 48 hour time limit.

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  1. leedo says:

    From what I’ve understood, you are safe as long as you use libraries which everyone can use. If it’s your one personal library, tell it with your « I’m in ! » post, make your code available on the internet, write a bit of documentation.
    Rule of thumb could be « no gameplay code before or after the 48h ». The plan is to make a game, not an engine.

    My 2¢

  2. huhwhozat says:

    I am not sure whee the boundaries lie on using your old code, but since you have experience with the base Flash API, I’d recommend sticking with it. I have been using flixel lately myself and though its a very nice little codebase, I wouldn’t suggest picking it up for the purposes of using it in this Ludum Dare. Yes, it is easy to learn and use but just over two weeks is not enough to really become familiar with a package IMHO, and familiarity is important under the 48hr time constraint. I would imagine the same thing holds for the other packages out there.

    Concerning the performance of Flash, I know there are things that can be done to optimize the system, but I don’t know enough about it to suggest anything much. I do know that on desktops, blitting Bitmap objects on to the screen is faster than drawing vector graphics due to calculations being confined to CPU. I’d encourage you to use these two weeks to read up on the topic and experiment with some stress tests. I’d personally like to know what you find out!

    • Jezzamon says:

      Thanks for your feedback! It’s really helpful. I’ll stick with the regular API for this Ludum Dare.

      I’ve glanced at blitting before, but at the time it seemed really confusing. Looking back though, it doesn’t seem too hard, so maybe I’ll use these weeks to take a look at it, and see whether it’s something I could try for the competition, although I might not be very familiar with it. I kinda really do need to learn how to use blitting for another project, so this might be a good opportunity.

      Anyways, thanks again for your advice. 😀

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