Real World Gatherings for Ludum Dare 23

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April 2nd, 2012 1:52 pm

Here’s a list real world events going on alongside Ludum Dare 23. If you’re planning to attend, SIGN UP/GET IN CONTACT ASAP!

Remember, Ludum Dare is an online event, so you are not required to attend a gathering, but if there’s one near by why not check it out? :)

Make a post with info about your gathering, leave me a comment, and I will add it to the list when I can.

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  1. johanp says:

    Just a small note about the gathering @FreeLunchDesign. We have limited seats, so let me know beforehand ( @johanp ) if you want to come and I’ll see if we can fit one more! Welcome!

  2. onefineline says:

    San Francisco, anyone?? I’d love to have a get-together.

  3. PoV says:

    Thanks Lamere and bcdefg123 (heh), I’ve added you to the list. I am now back from PAX, so anyone that I’ve missed, leave a comment or poke me some other way and I’ll add you.

  4. Kvisle says:

    Bitraf, a hackerspace in Oslo, Norway will have a meetup;

  5. Cake&Code says:

    There should be a meetup in San Diego/La Jolla. This may need to be seriously proposed.

    • PoV says:

      Sounds good. If you’re spearheading that, you should get on that. Then make a post/provide a link with details, and I’ll add it.

      • Cake&Code says:

        I’ll look into it. I’m hoping I can maybe find someplace comfy over at the UCSD campus, but my partner is possibly stuck with his desktop. I’ll definitely keep you looped in on any plans that may unfold. :)

        • Rabbits... says:

          if you can put a meeting location together for San Diego I will go to it…

          • Cake&Code says:

            The biggest problem right now is finding the space for it. UCSD would have been the best spot, but booking any of the rooms/classrooms is strict and unfortunately I’m an alumni making it even harder. u_u

            My best idea is just flashmob Price Center and jam there. Not sure if that’s something that’s really ok, maybe with a few folks rather than a huge group?

            I’ll definitely keep you in the loop since you’re around the hood. :)

  6. Gabriel says:

    Hello! We’ll be hosting a meet up in Brazil, here’s the link to the post.

    I really look forward to participate!

  7. danhett says:

    We’re having a gathering in Manchester, UK! It’s sold out (fifty tickets! We’re charging a little because there’s other stuff happening over the weekend too). However it’s likely that some people will cancel or not be able to attend or whatever, so get on the waiting list and we’ll let people know if tickets become available. Full details on the post:

  8. Zutty says:

    What about the CB2 indies in Cambridge, UK?

  9. kirbytails7 says:
    For anyone in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, feel free to come do LD23 with us.

  10. timgarbos says:

    We are a few people meeting up in the hackerspace, Labitat, in Copenhagen. Just created a facebook event:

  11. Joshua Douglass-Molloy says:

    We expect to be hosting one in Adelaide, Australia on the University of Adelaide campus.

  12. irl says:

    The Aberdeen University Computer Science Society will be hosting an event again on the Kings College Campus of the University of Aberdeen.

  13. aandnota says:

    The Omaha Game Developers Association, Bellevue University’s Game Studies program are hosting a site at CAMP Omaha.

    • PoV says:

      Phew! Had to do some extra research here. I did not know what state Omaha was in, and *I’m Guessing* CAMP is this coworking space I found via a Google search. Let me know if I’ve made a mistake.

  14. mattperrin says:

    The Cleveland Game Developers group in Cleveland, Ohio will be holding a Ludum Dare Launch event for a few hours on Friday night at the LaunchHouse in Shaker Heights. RSVPs would be appreciated so we can make sure we have enough table space reserved.

    Details here:

  15. lexaloffle says:

    Hey Mike
    Here’s one for Tokyo, Japan:
    // At the lexaloffle office in Kichijyouji. Email me to grab space! joseph&lexaloffle,com

  16. BretHudson says:

    I can’t believe there’s one here in Minnesota. Oh, wait, TWO. O_O

    I might have to stop by…
    -Bret Hudson ~ CEO of indie(Function);

  17. amidos2006 says:

    I was hopping I can find a meeting in Egypt :(

  18. Spielmeister says:

    Date: Friday, April 20th 7:00 PM till Sunday 23rd 7:00 PM (CEST)

    Venue: Spielmeister HQ, Adelungstr. 30a, 64283 Darmstadt / Germany

    There will be free beer, drinks and snacks :)

  19. racarate says:

    Hey Atlantans!

    We can accommodate about 10 folks at our house slash office on the Eastside. Please RSVP @nickralabate.

    Here’s the pad:,+Atlanta,+GA+30316&hl=en&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=54.621153,79.013672&oq=122&t=v&hnear=1226+McPherson+Ave+SE,+Atlanta,+Georgia+30316&z=17

    If there’s overflow, we can probably take over some tables at Joe’s coffeeshop down the street:,+Atlanta,+GA+30316&client=safari&oe=UTF-8&hnear=510+Flat+Shoals+Ave+SE,+Atlanta,+DeKalb,+Georgia+30316&gl=us&t=v&z=16


    P.S. Atlanta, Georgia, United States

  20. Merrik says:

    We’re jamming in Cape Town, South Africa

    For details check out this thread


  21. Toast says:

    About the Germany Thing, i believe it is called Spielmeister, not Speilmeister

  22. dv90 says:

    Any gatherings in Texas, specifically around the Dallas area?

  23. ChrisCottrill says:

    We’re hosting a game jam at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY. We’ll be in the Wallace building on the EKU campus in room 452, and will meet Friday night at 7pm to 11pm, then Saturday and Sunday 9am to 9pm.

  24. 4orbidd3n says:

    We’l be hosting a gathering in Lisbon, Portugal.

  25. drlemon says:

    If anyone could host an LA meetup, i’d do my best to make it out.

  26. lobstergames says:

    In Lisbon, Portugal there will be a gathering at the ISCTE-IUL University campus

  27. InfiniteAmmo says:

    Winnipeg gathering happening Saturday afternoon at a local cafe. :)

    Info here:

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