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    Mini-LD 33 – Here’s What I Have…

    Posted by (twitter: @henrythescot)
    March 31st, 2012 3:31 pm

    I got buried under a mountain of base code. I have an executable that runs some silent tests in the background and exits successfully. That’s not really a game, so I didn’t bother submitting.

    Here’s what I do have to show for this exercise.

    I have burdened myself with several major issues:

    • Indecisiveness
    • Extra work
    • Poor time management
    • Lack of focus

    So… I’m going to talk about these a bit. I’m putting a break here for folks who don’t necessarily want to read all of this. If you’re curious about why I think I’ve failed, go ahead and read after the break. :)

    Still reading? Cool. :)


    Here’s the biggest issue that I have. I get an idea and then drop it when it’s already too late to change ideas. This has caused problems for me in lots of ways, including in game jams.

    I have to get it together and actually pick something to work on.

    Extra Work

    Oh yes, extra work. I enjoy C++ and low-level libraries. I have enjoyed Love2D, which provides very… limited… data format support (like, it only supports media and plaintext). Perl+SDL was an interesting choice for me and certainly a learning experience, but Perl makes it hard to do anything big due to being poorly suited to organized code.

    I will have to find some way to save myself work. I’m thinking of biting the bullet and using Python+Pygame for LD like I do for PyWeek.

    Poor Time Management

    I have a tendency to spend my time unwisely. I get caught up in high-level stuff (XML content, high-level classes I don’t need yet) while ignoring what I actually need to make the game work. I also tend to work non-stop during the day and wind up exhausted, making me less effective as I go.

    From here on, I’ll probably use Pomodoro to manage my time more effectively.

    Lack of Focus

    I, like many here, spend too much time on IRC during the compo. I also get distracted by other things, like cooking or drawing. It’s really embarassing. :(

    So I’ll have to develop some focus. That’s not a matter of strategy, just discipline. I can manage it, though.


    So… I did have something to show. A really good lesson about my problems as a game developer. These things don’t just happen in jams, but all throughout my life. I’m going to need to take steps to correct them.

    Also… Sorry about posting late. I’ve been working on something and forgot to post here. That something… well, I’ll post about it later.

    Peace, love, and determination,

    – Henry

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