Ludum Dare 23 – 10 Year Anniversary – Weeks away!

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March 31st, 2012 10:49 am

Our 23rd main event is coming up in just a few weeks. It also marks the 10th anniversary of our very first event! You can check out the theme list of all the events run in the past 10 years over here, as well as some of the results (Our archival of the early days could have been better though).

Last time, Ludum Dare 22, we had an incredible 891 games submitted. This time we’re looking to break the record again, and what better way to celebrate the 10th Anniversary than to make over 1000 games!

So with that, we’d like you to help us spread the word! Tell your friends, tell your classmates, tell your co-workers, tell everyone! We want this next event to be big huge!

Veterans of Ludum Dare’s past, I want to send a special invitation out to you too. Especially if you haven’t competed in years, we’d love to see you back for this one. Ten year anniversaries only come so often ‘eh. 😉

Thanks everyone! We hope to see you taking part in Ludum Dare 23!

* * *

PS: A bit of a heads up, we will be doing another Warmup Weekend April 13th-15th. Details forthcoming, but in essence we want to encourage you to spend some time getting your tools ready for the main event on April 20th-23rd.

18 Responses to “Ludum Dare 23 – 10 Year Anniversary – Weeks away!”

  1. CNIAngel says:

    This will be the best LD yet! I always tell my buddies about this but now I wanna get them in it! To everyone joining in, remember to have fun 😀

  2. Codexus says:

    Obligatory: My God, has it been that long? 😀

  3. JaydenB says:

    I will make sure I complete an entry this time! I’ve been practicing 😀

  4. Tomalla says:

    What is a “Warmup Weekend” precisely?

  5. I’m going to do it this time. You can bet on it.

    Whether to bet on me finishing… well, I’ll try! :)

    I’m also in for the warmup. That’s a good idea.

    Peace, love, and glory,

    – Henry

  6. whatthemall says:

    can’t believe im going to miss it dam family holidays and it would have been cool to finish on my birthday

  7. thatshelby says:

    I’m totes in yo. This one is gonna be mad fun.

    I’ve ordered a new computer, due in a few days. I’ll be working with two, maybe three monitors for the first time. Couldn’t have come at a better time, because I have enough time to set it up and get acquainted. I’ll also be doing the warm-up weekend, because yeeeeaaaduh new computer needs settin up and all that.

  8. Fenyx says:

    Imma be in, and this time, hoepfully, I’ll have something that’s actually fun! 😀

    Yeah, I’m not very good at this whole game making thing, am I… :)

  9. KingKay says:

    Oooooh man, I’m so exited. 😀
    I’ve been dinking around with game making software for years, but unfortunately, I’ve never actually finished anything… this will be my first chance to really prove myself. ‘Been following Ludum Dare for a few months now and it seems really fun. Looking forward to making something fun along with so many other people who share my interests!

  10. TheH says:

    I doubt I’ll be making anything spectacular, but I’m gonna give this a shot if for no other reason than to build my own experience and also prototype another idea. But, I’ll definitely add one more to the count towards 1k competitors.

    Also gonna try and take part in the warm up because I need to setup some code to handle simple graphics and sound to make prototyping easier ^^;

  11. orange08 says:

    Hey, I think Imma really enter this time! Can’t wait to find out what I make!

  12. huhwhozat says:

    I’m over-eager for the warmup. When’ll we get a page up, PoV?

  13. onefineline says:

    Are we going to vote on a theme?

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