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    Magical Grapefruit for LD23!!!

    Posted by
    March 27th, 2012 12:42 am

    It’s the perfect theme!

    • A physical object that must be present
    • Being magical, it can be sentient or not, your choice!
    • It’s round so it works in many more physics-type games
    • It’s a delicious grapefruit!
    • It’s non-specific enough that it allows for ANY gametype (not just platformers + “art” games) to be designed around it

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    6 Responses to “Magical Grapefruit for LD23!!!”

    1. th3ub3r3x says:

      I like it! Except as an actual fruit, grape fruit makes me wan’t to vomit…

    2. Pixel_Phased says:

      I’m in on it, its got a plus for me. I despise of the juice though. I don’t understand how anyone could like it.

    3. SkullSoft says:

      OMG did you see all the theme suggestions?! I wonder who the poor bastard is that has to trim the list down…

      • Raptor85 says:

        once you remove all the duplicates and spam theres really not that many, i mean, around 1000 someone put in a thousand or so lines of “ponies”, and a bit later someone dumped the ENTIRE dictionary into it. (obviously via script) They really need to just dump this list, how they thought with as many people that check LD now they could get away with a form that doesnt require login…i dunno. Make a new list that requires login so you don’t get a few bad apples making THOUSANDS of entries in the list.

    4. Suese says:

      I REALLY want to see a “NO PLATFORM GAME” rule.

    5. bndwagn_junglst says:

      I will cheerfully vote for Magical Grapefruit. Citrus <3 forever.

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