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Obsession with details

Posted by
March 22nd, 2012 3:22 am

Sometimes my obsession with details has no limit. The font I chose to be an integral part of my game’s design for some reason lacked a Zero and a One character, so I had to design my own that fit into the font. Is this over-zealous or do you think it’s important too?

The font I selected lacked a 1 or a 0, so I added them...

2 Responses to “Obsession with details”

  1. jackkinsey says:

    It isn’t over-zealous at all! After all, 1’s and 0’s are the life blood of all computers 😉

    Besides, if you ever need to display some numbers it really helps to have all 10 of them. You see? I just used a 1 and a 0 right there!

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