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March 21st, 2012 4:35 pm

The weekend is almost here, and I know I’ll be doing this a bit late, but MiniLD is flexible right? I had already budgeted the time for the weekend coming so screw it 😛 Anyways, my doodle:

I’m gonna make an RTS. May sound like a difficult task, but I’ve already got a few ideas to keep it simple. Only 3 or 4 unit types per side, no base building, no upgrade path. Purely controlling a set of units, full visibility, and 1 screen. However, I quickly need to decide something fast regarding it being 2 player:

1) Make it networked. This is actually pretty easy to do if I keep it LAN or direct IP connection. (I won’t have time to do NAT punchthrough unless Enet does it for me).

2) Make the opponent AI. I’ve never done this before for an RTS, so is probably more difficult than the previous.

3) Make it local multiplayer. Easiest option, but can it be done with an Xbox 360 controller? And well?


Anyways, thoughts? :)


UPDATE: I’m rolling with online multiplayer. IRC should provide a stable enough way for game clients to talk. It isn’t a perfect solution, but it gives me the ability to use any old IRC server that’s there to find other players easily, and DCC for communication between clients. Basically, it ticks the boxes for such a short development time frame 😉

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  1. Suese says:

    Now THIS brings me back. We used to play ‘War’ on a piece of paper by drawing little stick men with machine guns behind trees and things. We’d move the paper around while the other guy had his eyes closed.

    Multilayer on-line is actually quite easy if you aren’t interested in preventing cheats. Just think “chat room”. Good luck!

  2. NeiloGD says:

    Yeah the only thing that I would run out of time on is having a server to do match making + NAT. Could always just use a lib to do it over an IRC server, provided the latency overall isn’t too high (could cope with 500ms easy enough) it wouldn’t be that bad. I may try that!

    • NeiloGD says:

      And using DCC MSG should solve the latency problem involved with routing through a server first (and means I can increase the rate of event dispatching without being kicked for spamming)! How convenient!

  3. digital_sorceress says:

    If you’ve never made an RTS before, you may find it is harder than you expect.

    I’ve tried to make one a few times. I get further and further each time, but I haven’t yet managed to complete one. I can make other types of games just fine, but with RTS I keep running into problems that I didn’t anticipate, and not know how to resolve them efficiently.

    • NeiloGD says:

      The last time I wrote one the first thing I nailed down and tested was the event system: Scheduling the events for the correct frame, and lock stepping the clients that were in a game. The second was to stick to fixed point maths for the logic, this kept the simulation deterministic. After that, it will probably be a lot of tweaking the movement of units, and damage. It’s more of a challenge than anything else, but it kinda hinges on the networking working reliably..

  4. SkullSoft says:

    If you manage to make a working RTS AI, for the first time, in a week, I’ll give you a trophy!

    • NeiloGD says:

      Yeah, player control now, AI later. The unit AI will be pretty dumb, I have no plans to make it fancy – only functional. We’ll see where I get over the weekend as I have pretty much planned out how to structure the logic for a nice balance of rapid development and easy to tweak code.

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