Mini-LD #33 Entry – Starting/Ending Late

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March 21st, 2012 3:00 pm

So here’s what happened: School got in my way.

I’m starting and ending late. I said in the rules that it is allowed, so I’m doing it.

I am starting on March 22, 12:00AM GMT and finishing on March 29, 12:00AM GMT.

Here’s my doodle:

Doodle of my game

It's a girl staring down a goblin, which should be obvious

The game is about a girl fighting various monsters using a sword and shield. The final boss will be a dragon, but isn’t pictured.

The Mini-LD version will only have a single level, but I may make more levels for it afterwards.

Hell, I may make more levels before the end of the jam if I have time.

I’m looking forward to seeing this through.

Again, starting and ending late. No big deal, right? Right. 😀

Also, tools:

  • Language: Perl
  • Libraries: SDL, Perl’s YAML module
  • Graphics: Inkscape
  • Sound: Some SFXR variant, not sure which
  • Music: If I have any, probably MilkyTracker
  • Target Platform: Mostly Linux, but if you have Perl you can just use cpan to install the SDL and YAML modules

I’m looking forward to making this!

Peace, love, and extra cheese,

– Henry

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