Couple of questions about LD

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March 15th, 2012 3:51 pm


I’ve recently been interested in taking part in the upcoming LD#23 but I was wondering if we can choose any platform we wish.

I’m a bit of an amateur GBA programmer and have been working to build a small library and tool set for use with another upcoming GameJam  but was wondering If im free to use it for LD#23.

I would be using lbigba from devkit pro so its a homebrew library for the GBA.

Also for the GBA I’ve been building a function library and memory definition library which has not been complied into a library and is just raw c and h file would this still be fine to use?

If not I can jump back into XNA.



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  1. MrPhil says:

    It is going to be really hard on Judges if you can only play your game on Game Boy Advance.

    Another concerns is you’ll need to share you code in advance of the compo, not sure if you want to do that.

    XNA is probably the way to go.

  2. gkikola says:

    It might work out if you could package the game with an emulator, and make it easy to install and remove the whole package. But you would need to ensure that you had permission to distribute the emulator with your game. I’m not really familiar with the licenses of popular GBA emulators, but you could do some research.

  3. Vilborg says:

    Do whatever lets you make the game you want, AND lets other people play it.

  4. Dakota says:

    VBA-M is under GUN licensing so i’m sure I can just put a copy in with the final build also VBA is inactive atm and i would presume under the same license.

    As for the source thats no problem its using devkitpro and not the offical GBA librarys so no legal issues and my code isn’t the best in the world so I dout anyone would have any use for it.

  5. digital_sorceress says:

    As a guideline: make it as easy as possible for people to play your game.

    That’s not just a courtesy… If people struggle to play your game (eg, because of your choice of platform/required frameworks/missing libraries/etc), that could put them in a bad mood, and that would likely be reflected subconsciously in the scores they give you 😉

  6. Dakota says:

    Ok that’s not a problem either. It compiles to a .gba so all you would need to do is drop and drag it into the emulator. Also to compile the source may be a little harder but is still fairly basic.

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