Mini-LD #33 Is Coming…

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March 9th, 2012 2:31 pm

Sorry that I’m a bit slow in posting this, folks. But… here it is…

Mini-LD 33 Presentation

That’s right! Doodles! 😀

You can theme your game after doodles in general, but the theme is meant to be in the way you get the idea for your game.

Before you begin your game, you must make a doodle. You can make the doodle before the Mini-LD begins if you want to. The important thing is to make the doodle before the game.

When you begin your game, make a post that includes the doodle. If it’s a digital image, insert it. If it’s a drawing on paper, scan it or even take a photo, then insert it. The important thing is to see the doodle.

You will then make your game based on your doodle.

On the submission page, I’d like to ask that you folks put your doodle in the screenshot section to show others what your idea looked like as a drawing.

The jam will run from March 17 at midnight GMT to March 24 at midnight GMT. However, if you can’t make it during that time, submissions will be up from the 20th all the way until the end of the month. You can start your game outside of the Mini-LD time, but if you decide to do that then post your start and end times when you announce your entry.

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Peace, love, and imagination,

– Henry

27 Responses to “Mini-LD #33 Is Coming…”

  1. Pixel_Phased says:

    i’ll try to participate, if i can think of something. usually the theme(word or image) gets me thinking of an idea and helps me out.

  2. Spool says:

    Describe doodle. Really. I have alot of doodles, they just vary in range of time and/or carelessness.

  3. madmaw says:

    Show me your doodles!

  4. Pixel_Phased says:

    i made a doodle and a concept(on google docs)

  5. Folis says:

    I think you can count me in.

  6. joff says:

    This sounds perfect for my first entry

  7. galman says:

    This one is going to be fun!
    Be ready for my awesome doodling skills XD

  8. kddekadenz says:

    We can make multiply entrys, can’t we?
    I have a lot of doodles…

    • kddekadenz says:

      And what’s about using an engine?

      • You can only make one entry page… That’s a limitation of the site, not the rules, though.

        You can use whatever engine you want. We here at Ludum Dare welcome all sorts of different engines, even in the main compo.

        Lots of newbies ask that, though, so no worries. Any engine is fine as long as it’s available to others; it doesn’t have to be FREE, just available.

        Game Maker, Unity, Flixel, all sorts of things are welcome here. Heck, we use them A LOT. :)

  9. PVince81 says:

    Does it mean that games for this MiniLD must be developed within one week instead of the usual 48 hours ?

    I never doodle as I almost never use pens or pencils… when I do it’s usually very abstract. Will see if I can still come up with something.

    • ElzingaT says:

      I’m curious about this too. I had plans for the weekend but now if it’s got an extended time frame I’ll be able to participate.

      Don’t have a doodle yet but I’m planning on having my mom check if she has any old drawings from when I was a kid so I can use one of those…

  10. evilseanbot says:

    Is this contest for solo-efforts or are teams allowed?

    • I hadn’t thought about that, actually.

      Well… you can use a team, but I’d like the doodle you’re using to be made by the whole team, not just one person.
      If you do that, you can work as a team. :)

      • Suese says:

        Now that would be interesting way to make a game. In clock-wise order give 4 people 20 seconds to draw something on the same piece of paper, then come up with a game based on what was drawn.

  11. PoV says:

    Submission form added. Sorry it wasn’t up sooner.

  12. Snow says:

    I’m using Corona SDK and have an idea for a doodle based iOS game. I could use the practice as the doodle idea will use a lot of the same logic that one of my current projects is using.

    Is it ok to submit an iOS app as a game? It’ll be free of course. (At first anyway. If I made something that generated enough interest after the contest and I made it a polished game, I might change my mind. :P)

    The 2 issues are:

    It has to go through Apple’s review process first which can take longer than a week. This may cause the game to not be ready by the final deadline.

    Only iOS users would be able to play the game. This limited availability would probably disqualify the game anyway.

    I could use Love2d so that I could still code in lua, it would just be a bit different.

  13. Tomalla says:

    I wish I had a drawing skill. And, well, I wish I had seen this announcement earlier. But that’s fine, I’ll wait for another.

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