I’m in it. Again.

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March 8th, 2012 9:48 am


Language: C++
Library: SDL or SFML

Sucky graphics nobody wants to look at: Paint.NET

Randomized sounds of earcancer: BFXR

Quite a lot happened since the last Ludum Dare. I took a deep breath of C++, threw Game Maker into the corner, started looking at SDL and SFML (Comparison), wrote a multifunctional calculator with over 1000 lines of console-goodness, and also wrote a program which I use for learning new words for spanish class.

And that’s about it.

Bring it on, Ludum Dare #23, I’m ready for the 6th time!

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  1. digital_sorceress says:

    Good luck Folis!

    I know you have 5 LDs behind you, but since you’re relatively new to C++, you might like to try making a little game with it before taking on LD23.

    • Folis says:

      Thanks! :)

      I’m already working on stuff, trying to make 4-5 little games before this LD. Nothing goes over comfort with the tools. And I still have a whole month of time on my not-so busy hands 😉

  2. Pixel_Phased says:

    i’ll make that jump from GM at somepoint. Probably in a couple of years or so.

    • Folis says:

      Just try to finish 1-2 LDs with Game Maker. After that, search for a new language that suits you (I tried many: Python/PyGame; AS3/Flashpunk; AS3/Flixel; Ruby etc.) and start learning it. If it’s not a totally game-dev focused language, try writing small to medium sized programs with it. After that is a decision: Do you want to write from scratch or take up a library. If you choose to take up a library start learning it, one step after another. Also create some small games (Pong, Breakout/Arkanoid – just something simple). After you’ve got through all these steps, you got away from Game Maker. I personally deinstalled it before looking for a new language.

      If I was able to do it, you can too.

      Or as an alternate step: If you don’t like any other language/library, stay with Game Maker and be proud of it. Even though, it’s looked down upon I can say: It’s not bad at all. I’ve seen quite amazing things done with it.

  3. ratking says:

    Shouldn’t there be a MiniLD this month, before the next LD?

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