MiniLD #32 results!

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February 29th, 2012 11:33 am

MiniLD #32

hall of fame

The winner of MiniLD #32 with ∞ games is kddekadenz!
You win a Golden Sos!


games by kddekadenz

68,719,476,744 games by digital_sorceress

32 games by Nolax Games

Congratulations everyone who took part! It was one crazy weekend! Read more for rest of the charts!

30 games by kylerhoades
28 games by SkullSoft
20 games by GreaseMonkey
16 games by Sophie Houlden
15 games by triplefox
12 games by LegacyCrono
10 games by tiscooler
10 games by Zed
10 games by Sos
9 games by galman
9 games by Jacic
9 games by ElzingaT
7 games by toaster
7 games by NiallM
7 games by NeiloGD
6 games by Madball
5 games by GFM
5 games by Griffablanc
5 games by StephenJacob
5 games by SusanTheCat
5 games by Cell
5 games by Breakdance McFunkypants
5 games by Neonlare
5 games by Tut-tuuut
4 games by KhaoTom
4 games by Andrew
4 games by invaderJim
4 games by killahnukah
3 games by hannardynamite
3 games by manofdoom
3 games by PaulSB
3 games by _TRC
3 games by Kabraxis
3 games by BoneDaddy
2 games by Marco Jonkers
2 games by Fififox
2 games by jfroco
2 games by JSGD
2 games by igeekygeek
2 games by jordanlytle
2 games by vico87

11 Responses to “MiniLD #32 results!”

  1. digital_sorceress says:

    138470740268886462205879174409… is a lot of games! Well done to kddekadenz.

    I’m wondering how these are generated though?

    Random numbers are usually calculated by iterating 32-bit integers through a chaotic function. A 32 bit integer has only about 4 billion values, and this limits the number of seed values that such a random generator can take. So a game generator based upon that can produce only 4 billion possible configurations.

    I got past this 4 billion limit myself by allowing the user to type in a 12 digit number.

    I thought about doing something like kddekadenz did myself, using a lot of binary states. I mentioned in my first miniLD thread how one could use a chessboard and create 2^64 games by having each bit determine what a square contains. But come the weekend I didn’t have a lot of motivation for this miniLD, so billions was all I could manage 😛

  2. Cell says:

    It’s amazing how they did manage to make the generators.

    But on the other hand, i’ think it’s “cheating” and ruins the “One game down, Next one!”.

    I think Nolax should have won.

    But’ that’s my opinion.


  3. digital_sorceress says:

    Sos, could you add a link to the full list of entries?

  4. onefineline says:

    Umm, I don’t know if anyone noticed, but kkdekadenz didn’t make 15^15234324 or whatever games, (s)he only made 3. Just because you change the number of coins the player collects or change the color and the shape of the thing you click on doesn’t make that a new game.

    • digital_sorceress says:

      This is a fair point, and it’s to be expected… but how different must two games be before they are distinct? It’s totally subjective, so the quantity of games made is also subjective. We can’t expect to come to a consensus on that kind of thing, and we shouldn’t try to force one.

      We all have our own opinions on the matter, which we may or may not voice in the interest of keeping the peace. The best way of dealing with subjective things is simply to hear what others think, to understand why they hold the opinions they do, and to see a plurality of perspectives: that there are many way of looking at it and they are all potentially correct. :)

      Sos’s perspective appears to be that a person has made as many games as they claim they’ve made.

      • Sos says:

        Hey I said its about quantity :) You coul have submitted one game 1000 times aswell. I guess me going thriugh the games and saying ‘hey these look alike and doesnt count’ is unfair. So yeah, i didnd do it :p quicksort is the most fair judge :)

        • digital_sorceress says:

          I would have done the same. I wouldn’t want to pick people out and argue with their claims.

          Thanks for a great miniLD, Sos. I look forward to the next jam you spring upon on. :)

  5. manofdoom says:

    This was a great fun game jam. And I don’t really have a problem with the game generators (even if they do produce some extremely basic and samey games rather than more interesting and focused procedural games (although being attacked by loaves of bread was fun)) because I imagine that actually making loads of games is way more fun and educational than making a game that does it for you.
    I know it was for me.

  6. Munchkin9 says:

    Any idea when the next one for March will be up? I’m planning to participate in this one :)

    • digital_sorceress says:

      It’s usually some time in the latter half of the month. Mr. Dude will be hosting it, and the exact date will be for him to decide.

  7. kddekadenz says:

    My winning really surprises me. I thought that someone other would do something similar + I had only about 10 hours to do this.

    That’s the 3rd game contest I ever entered and the 2nd one I have won 😀

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