GDC Monday – Cheap Steaks after The Movie

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February 29th, 2012 5:31 pm

Hey folks!

Well we really didn’t have a lot of options (sorry vegetarians), and the survey said nearly everybody wanted to go see The Movie first. Our usual destination (Westfield Food Emporium) closes at 9:30, and with the movie going until 9:00 PM, seemed too close.

I’ve gone ahead and made a reservation for 20 at Tad’s Steakhouse for 9 PM (more are welcome), right after the movie. It’s a Caffeteria-like steakhouse where you can get a full steak meal for under $15 (crazy talk for SF). Yes, it’s not the best steak in the city, but it’s certainly the best bargain. You order, and get buzzed once your food is ready.

The reservation is under “Mike”, but we’ll be the obvious group of 20+. Tad’s is located on Powell Street, just look for the sign.

Tad’s Steakhouse
120 Powell Street
9:00 PM (right after the movie)

Just a few blocks from Moscone.


See you there! Bring your shirts!

PS: Sorry, we didn’t have the time to arrange a Jamming venue for ~60 people on Friday. I think Noise Bridge can only comfortable fit ~20. Maybe next time.

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  1. philhassey says:

    Wear your Ludum Dare T-Shirt if possible :)


  2. carotheloop says:

    This year’s DGC expo floor competition is a new social network with an app market They’re running an App developers comp where you can win $5000 for submitting an app idea, and another $5000 for developing it in their API. Pretty cool.
    They’re also giving away floor passes to next years’ GDC at GDC 2012. Worth checking out

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