Mini LD Progress – 18 Games Done

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February 25th, 2012 7:08 am

Hi all,

I’m just about done for the first day of the mini LD. One more game and I’ll call it a night. So far I have completed 18 games. From the look of the spreadsheet the rest of you have some catching up to do.

These are the games done so far:


Ghostie Plays Bullrush
Ghostie Plays Minesweeper
Ghostie Plays Soccer
Ghostie Plays It Safe
Too Many Zubats
Catch Them Zubats
Which Zubat Am I?
Ghostie Goes To School
Ghostie Crosses The River
Feeding Time
Feeding Time 2
Survival Time
Ghostie Defends The Kingdom
Let’s Defend The Kingdom Together
Let’s Play Soccer Together
Zubat Cave Race
Race Across The River
How High Can You Get?

11 of these were coded in 15 minutes or under and 4 of them are multiplayer games.

Here are some of the highlights:

Ghostie Goes To School

This is my personal favourite. It is the story of an innocent young Ghostie facing the challenges of school life and growing up. I consider it a piece of art.

Too Many Zubats

Ghostie must cross a cave filled with Zubats to collect cherries. Very difficult game. So far my highscore is only 2 cherries.

Ghostie Defends The Kingdom

Defend a castle from the Zubat Horde. Very difficult but I’ve managed to beat the game so it is possible. I think it’s fun.

Feeding Time

You are a shark that eats that eats a whole bunch of fish. Can you eat them all before the jellyfish blow you up with their explosive stingers?

And yes, I did steal some sprites from Pokemon. Whoever wants more rules, doesn’t win!

I’m looking forward to playing everyone else’s games when this is done, and having people play mine. Good luck everyone.

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