Programmer seeks Artist for 3-day fling

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February 22nd, 2012 5:06 pm

Are you a really great artist? What an amazing coincidence! I am not! Team up with me and lets make a Jam entry for LD 23. And maybe make some other things too!*

I’m looking for an artist with strong pixel-fu, as I prefer 2d pixely things. I will almost certainly be using FlashPunk.

Here are some things I have done recently with FlashPunk – (This last one may or may not actually be a platformer when you try it.)

If you’re interested, reply here, or come see me on IRC.

*Other things include memories, lasting friendship, and games.

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  1. SkullSoft says:

    Sounds interesting! I am an artist with strong pixel-fu. Your games look neat. I’d be interested in teaming up with you for the Jam.

    I’ve never used FlashPunk, (Going to Google it right now) but I am experienced with cross-platform tweakery.

    I’ve also got an idea for the Jam which I’ll share with you if you want to collaborate.

    Do you want to see some of my work? (I haven’t put anything up on LD yet–I never finished my entry for the Fear compo.) But if you go to the Game Maker website, you can find my first game “Pycho in Winterland,” and my first version of “Peckerfish” (don’t mind the wacky HUD).

    I’ll also send you some of my more recent pixel arty work if you reply.

  2. SkullSoft says:

    Aha! There you are.

    Er….not for quite a while? The one I’m talking about is already started.

    OK, the links:

  3. SkullSoft says:

    Aha! There you are.

    Er….not for quite a while? The one I’m talking about is already started.

    OK, the links:

    This is an old game, but I’m still fond of it.

    The HUD sucks and the backgrounds are a bit inconsistent with the other graphics; but I’m still proud of the animated (cartoony) characters. Right now I’m working on a major revision of it which will be released on Kongregate.

    A better example of my pixel talents would be these images on DropBox:
    I meticulously drew this pixel by pixel.
    The small version of my proffessional logo.
    A screenshot of the new Peckerfish (the moment wasn’t very action-packed).


  4. SkullSoft says:

    For some reason it says my comment is “awaiting moderation”—I think it’s because it didn’t seem to post properly, and I tried to re-post it, and they think I’m a double-poster. Is it up, or can you only see the comment without the links?

    • digital_sorceress says:

      I believe it happens when you post links to more than one domain.

      • SkullSoft says:

        That would explain it!

        I’ve got my first 6 entries for the Mini LD 32 up now!
        The most interesting-sounding one is I’m A Potty, where you have to accept certian kinds of waste and not others. I changed my mind about making a random game generator-I’m going to make my entries the proper way. I’ve got 27 designed so far.

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