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    HUG MONSTER LIVES ON (-o^_^)-o

    Posted by (twitter: @RecursiveFrog)
    February 16th, 2012 11:13 pm

    (-o^_^)-o HUG MONSTER is evolving! o-(^_^o-)
    Play the post-compo version at www.hug-monster.com!

    My compo entry for LD#22 was a little game called Hug Monster, and it was seven levels of ASCII art fun. A reasonable number of people played it, and their comments were a mix of happy praise and criticism. I am really happy that I received both, and have taken to heart the feedback. Therefore, over the past few weeks, I’ve done a number of thing with the game.

    • The player’s momentum and inertia is toned down, and his top speed a bit slower.
    • Many of the bugs related to jumping (particularly double jumping) are squashed
    • More cutscenes! It’s not just the title and ending that have little movies now.
    • More levels! And in fact, some of the levels from the compo build that were rather weak have been tossed out.
    • Local storage – The game remembers how far you got and lets you start from where you left off
    • More focus on puzzle solving
    • Even more ways to trick the Hug Monster into helping you escape a level
    • Hug Monster shouldn’t get stuck in certain walls any longer

    And I’m not done yet! I still have plenty of ideas for levels, puzzles, and even plan on adding music to the final build eventually.

    I want to thank everyone who took the time to play the compo game and leave feedback, as you have all helped to make Hug Monster (-o^_^)-o a very happy creature, and a ridiculously fun game.

    2 Responses to “HUG MONSTER LIVES ON (-o^_^)-o”

    1. cheekymonk3y says:

      Very fun game. I only got up to the 6th or 7th level before dying a couple dozen times. I’m going to have to play it when I’m less tired. I was thinking of saying the difficulty curve was too much but the extra challenge was what made it fun so it’s good in my mind.

      • dr_soda says:

        I think I know exactly which level killed you. That’s one of the very newest ones, and I think it’s probably too big a spike in difficulty from the preceeding levels. By far, it’s harder than any of the others. I’m really fond of that level (especially since it is foreshadowed by the cutscene) but maybe I need to ease people into it a bit more gently? It could stand to be later in the game but I didn’t want it to be so far removed from the cutscene that it would lose that sense of deja vu.

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